The Guilfordian(Jonathan Hudson) goes One-on-One with Harrison Kiser(Page High School), the Guilford College Quakers’ kicker

Jonathan Hudson, Staff Writer for The Guilfordian, the Guilford College Quakers’ student-led newspaper, goes One-on-One with the Guilford kicker, Harrison Kiser, a Page High School graduate and a sophomore on the Quakers’ football team(5-5)…..

The Guilfordian sat down with sophomore Harrison Kiser, the starting kicker of the Quakers football team.

Q: When did you first start playing football? Were you always a kicker?
A: I first started playing when I was in eighth grade. I wasn’t a kicker, I was actually a receiver. I started kicking, I guess, when I was a freshman in high school.

Q: What is the farthest field goal you have made in your playing career?
A: This year, it was 35 yards. In high school, I made a 45 yarder in a game. In practice, I have hit a couple of 55 and 65 yarders.

Q: What is the hardest part about kicking?
A: The hardest part is the mental focus of it. You know you can get in slumps in games, and you know you can be off in games, so I would say the toughest part is having a positive mind on every kick and focusing on one kick at a time.

Q: How is your position viewed on the team? Is everyone supportive?
A: I would say everybody is really supportive. You know when the game comes down to the line, the kicker needs to make the winning points.

Q: What are practices like for you without a formal position coach for kicking?
A: Without a coach, you have to find ways to practice yourself. So we will go out and hit a couple of balls and kind of take it easy on our legs because if you kick more in practice, you are going to wear out your legs and not be healthy for Saturdays.

Q: What is your routine for a field goal?
A: It is the same routine as every kick. I go out on the field and envision the ball going through the uprights, so I take every kick as the same kick for every one I do.

Q: Who is your holder and how is that relationship?
A: (Senior punter) Chase Mitchell. I guess it is a trust thing, so you know I have a lot of trust in him. I have had some snaps that have been kind of iffy, and he has been there to get them down. Having a trusting relationship with your holder is really good.

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