High School Basketball Tonight(12/6/17) with Eastern Guilford(5-0) boys at Page(5-0) at the top of the list

At the top of the leaderboard for tonight’s games you have to have this one:
Eastern Guilford boys(5-0) at Page(5-0) 7:30pm

Plus we have others with…..
Eastern Guilford girls(2-1) at Page(4-1) 6pm…..Eastern Guilford coached by Shamiah Harvey, a former Page Pirates’ girls assistant coach….
Ragsdale boys(4-2) at Western Guilford(0-6) 6pm
Ragsdale girls(5-1) at Western Guilford(0-4) 7:30pm

*****This is it for what we can find going on tonight so far….If you see or hear of any others, let us know, and thanks….*****