We found a Rare Shutout in High School Basketball:Did it get out of hand?(The girls final was just 102-0, WOW!!!)

In northeast Montana last Friday, the Froid-Medicine Lake Redhawks beat the Brockton High Warriors 102-0. Yes, 102-0……

That was your girls high school basketball final:102-0…….

WOW!!!!! That almost sounds crazy and it sort of was, but maybe it wasn’t….

from YAHOO! Sports.com:
The losing Brockton High Warriors roster was whittled down to five players by sickness and other absences. According to their coach Terrence Johnson, the five players were an eighth-grader, a freshman who had “never really played ball until this year,” a sophomore who hadn’t played since sixth grade and two other sophomores. None were above 5-foot-7.

The winning Froid-Medicine Lake Redhawks, meanwhile, had three players taller than 6 feet.

The halftime score was 59-0 in favor of Froid-Medicine Lake and then just after the half, Brockton High has a player go down with an ankle injury and Brockton had to go with just four players….

Why didn’t they stop the game is the question that keeps coming up and for the most part, both coaches feel this game should have never went the distance…..

Terrence Johnson(Brockton High head coach) told the Great Falls Montana Tribune that he and his players weren’t unhappy with their opponents. But something probably should have been done.

Froid-Medicine Lake coach Lance Brekke, speaking to the Tribune, seemed to agree. “This will never happen again, that’s for sure,” he said. “The integrity of the game just went out the window.”

Read more on this game, when you CLICK HERE for YAHOO! Sports…….

And your final score, one final time is:Froid-Medicine Lake 102, Brockton High 0……….