High School Basketball Tonight(12/12/17) in Guilford County

Southwest Guilford girls(2-3) at Dudley(5-2) 6pm…Conference Game
Southwest Guilford boys(4-1) at Dudley(5-1) 7:30pm…Conference Game
Cannon School boys(5-4) at Greensboro Day School(12-0) 6:30pm
Western Guilford at Smith girls at 6 and boys at 7:30…Smith boys at (6-1) on the season/WG(1-6) and this is a Conference Game…Girls with Smith at (3-1)/WG(0-7)
Northern Guilford at Northeast Guilford girls at 6 and boys at 7:30pm….Conference game with NEG(3-3) and NG(2-3) overall for the girls…NG boys at (3-1)/NEG(3-3)
Eastern Guilford at Southwestern Randolph girls at 6 and boys at 7:30…EG boys at (6-0)/SWR(3-4) on the season and Conference Game…EG girls (2-2)/SWR(7-0)
Southern Guilford at Burlington Williams girls at 6 and boys at 7:30pm…SG boys(3-3)/Williams(3-3)…Conference Game….SG girls(2-4)/Williams(2-1)
AUBD (Melbourne, Australia) at Northwest Guilford(0-4) 7pm
East Forsyth at Ragsdale girls at 6 and boys at 7:30pm…EF boys(4-0)/Ragsdale(4-3)….Ragsdale girls (6-1)/EF(1-5)
Piedmont Classical School at Southeast Guilford girls at 6 and boys at 7:30pm….PCS boys at (6-5)/seg(1-5) and this is a non-conference game..Girls SEG goes at (2-4) and PCS(4-3)
Oak Ridge Military Academy boys(0-8) at Noble Academy(3-5) 6pm

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Grimsley OFF
High Point Central OFF
High Point Andrews OFF
Northwest Guilford girls OFF
Greensboro Day School girls OFF
New Garden Friends OFF
Caldwell Academy OFF
Vandalia Christian School OFF