Hit by the Pitch:Bad News we lose Troy Leach from Shane’s Rib Shack at age 48

He loved his baseball and he loved his St. Louis Cardinals and he would have loved the deal that is in the works to bring Marcell Ozuna from the Miami Marlins to his St. Louis Cardinals, but we have lost our good friend Troy Leach, who died this week and his funeral is set for this afternoon at 2pm at the Hanes Lineberry Funeral Services, on North Elm Street…

Troy Leach was a good one and gone way too young at age 48….Troy, Big Mike Leach, Paul, Chelsy and Curtis, they all used to welcome us into the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace for our Thursday night Football in Focus and our other Sports in Focus Shows….

Thank-you Troy Leach and the same to your brother Ryan Leach, also deceased and boy those were good days with all the guests and all of the shows we did at Shane’s over the years….

RIP Troy Leach and thank-you again for opening up your place of business to all of us back in the day and to Big Mike Leach, Paul, Chelsy and Curtis, God Speed and to Troy’s family and he has a son that played JV football and basketball at Northwest Guilford High School, our hearts go out to you today….

Big loss and Troy got knocked down and was Hit by a Pitch, and he won’t be getting up again and coming back to the plate, but that does not mean he won’t be remembered, because he will and we hope the best for his family and friends…..

RIP:Troy Leach and he has left us at just age 48 and I was just standing beside him and talking to Troy at a NWG-Grimsley JV football game, about a month and a-half ago, and all was great and it just shows how quick life can change and turn on us…

Keep Troy’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers and we wish the crew of Big Mike Leach, Paul, Chelsy and Curtis better days ahead, down the road….