Game Report on Northwest Guilford-Dawson HS(Texas) Boys Basketball Game from Orlando, Florida:NWG Vikings hang on for hard-fought finish/victory

–Northwest Guilford and Dawson High School {Pearland, TX} faced off in the opening round of the KSA Events Pre-Holiday Tournament in Orlando, Florida at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex. The Vikings were able to hold on for a 37-36 victory in a very tough fought game. The Eagles led for the majority of the game including 1 point leads at the half and the end of the 3rd quarter. Northwest was able to take control of the game in the final minute with tough baskets and pressure free throws. Two late stops for the Vikings sealed the win that included a total team effort as the Vikings posted a season low of 7 turnovers.
–Tristan Perry led Northwest with 10 points, 7 rebounds, & 3 assists. Christian Hampton finished with 9 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists while Dean Reiber added 7 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 blocks for the Vikings.
–Dawson was led by Kyle Matthews with 10 points. Josh Lewis and DK Thorne contributed 7 and 6 points respectively for the Eagles.

					 1st		2nd		3rd		4th 
NORTHWEST GUILFORD			  8		10		  8		11
CALVARY DAY SCHOOL			  7		12		  8		 9

Tristan Perry 10; Christian Hampton 9; Dean Reiber 7; Johnny Pagano 7; Jacob Riddles 4
Kyle Matthews 10; Josh Lewis 7; DK Thorne 6; Evan Mitchell 6; Kris Dixon 3; Andrew Eberhardt 2; Jordan Marshall 2

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff


  1. Andy how does a team with a record of 1-6 get invited to a tournament in FL ??? Also, who is footing the bill
    for this PUBLIC SCHOOL to go to an out of state tournament. Athletic Department are always complaining about not having funds & started charging students to paly this year in any sport activity. Didn’t think county schools allowed to play in out of state sights.

  2. I think NWG would have received the invite based on the their success on the hardwoods in previous seasons…

    The NWG boys have a had a strong program going on in recent years under Coach Lee Reavis with tons of talent and 20-win seasons over the past couple of campaigns….

    Gore, Spicer, Hennigan, Davis, Funderburg, Hylton, Billips, Everett, Powell, Henry and the list goes on and on and they have had 4-5 20-win seasons in recent years…

    For sure they are down this year, but their prior rep would get them invited and they will get better, even though this looks to be a rare off year for them…

    Not sure who funds trips like this one, but my guess is it is more from the basketball boosters than it is money coming from the county…I think it would be rare for the county to fund trips like this, but the money would come from basketball boosters and the overall NWG Athletics Booster Club….

    NWG girls in Myrtle Beach for a tournament later on this week and I would bet booster club and girls basketball boosters would be footing the bill for that trip too…

    Just a few thoughts….

  3. I am sure the team or the Booster club raised the money for the trip. It is a great experience for the kids and it was probably scheduled last year. I can’t imagine that Guilford County paid anything for this trip.

  4. Guilford Co school did not put up a penny for either the boys or girls going to Orlando or Myrtle Beach. The boys Orlando trip this week was paid in part by NW Booster Club and parents but mostly from a sponsorship from a local bank (I believe Truliant)based in Winston Salem. The girls Myrtle Beach trip this week is completely paid for from the NW Booster Club. Keep in mind that the booster club is a combination of parents participating in fund raisers, fans attending games, business sponsorships and donations to the program. The GDS boys are spending an entire week in Hawaii this week using the same formula. Every school in Guilford Co is surrounded by a number of businesses. If these schools would do a better job of soliciting support from those businesses and promoting these businesses on school campus, then I am sure other programs could do what NW and GDS are doing this week.

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