Eastern Guilford Holiday Tournament Championship Night Results:EG Wildcats Take Two Titles as Women and Men both WIN!!!

Finals from the Championship Games at the Eastern Guilford Christmas Holiday Tournament
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Men’s Championship Game:
Eastern Guilford 69, Orange 50
Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS) Tournament MVP
Women’s Championship Game:
Eastern Guilford 63 Northeast Guilford 54
Jazmin Harris(Eastern Guilford HS) Tournament MVP

Boys 3rd Place Game:
Northeast Guilford 77, Graham 54
Girls 3rd Place Game:
Roxboro Community 62, Graham 60
Boys 5th Place Game:
Southeast Guilford 77, Roxboro 57
Girls 5th Place Game:
Southeast Guilford 76, McMichael 49
Boys 7th Place Game:
Western Guilford over Australia…..Score Not Available
Girls 7th Place Game:
Australia 59, Western Guilford 30
More Details on the way….

Boys Championship Game breakdown:
End of 1st Q:EG 12, Orange 4…Halftime:EG 31, Orange 17…End of 3rd Q:EG 47, Orange 30…Final:EG 69, Orange 50…
Girls Championship Game breakdown:
End of 1st Q:EG 19, NEG 13…Halftime:NEG 34, EG 33…End of 3rd Q:EG 47, NEG 46…Final:EG 63, NEG 54

EG Scoring Men’s Game:Jaylen Alston 29 points, Montez Venable 12 points, Dominique Graves 10 points, Nic Cheeley 7 points, Nick McMullen 7 points, Nathan White 2 points….
Orange Scoring:Holt 18 points, Portman 10 points, Haithcock 9 points, McMullen 5 points, Paschal 4 points, Franklin 3 points, Sander 3 points….

EG Scoring Women’s Game:Jazmin Harris 29 points, Destiny McLean 9 points, Destinee Davis 9 points, Jenna Dudley 8 points, Harmony Garner 4 points, Brianna Wright 3 points, Kashayia Coltrane 1 point…
NEG Scoring:Nichelle Jeffries 22 points, Pamela Mock 13 points, Asia Pearley 12 points, Avery Hobbs 7 points

Girls All-Tournament Team:
Jazmin Harris(Eastern Guilford HS)…MVP, Destiny McLean(Eastern Guilford HS), Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS), Pamela Mock(Northeasst Guilford HS), Kennedi Simmons(Southeast Guilford HS), Kristin Roberts(Southeast Guilford HS)…

Boy’s All-Tournament Team:
Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS)…MVP, Montez Venable(Eastern Guilford HS), Paschal(Orange HS), Portman(Orange HS), McMullen(Orange HS), John James(Southeast Guilford HS), Hinds-Chavis(Southeast Guilford HS), Malone(Northeast Guilford HS), Hughes(Northeast Guilford HS), Clayton(Roxboro Community)

Coming in from Eastern Guilford High School and their Athletic Director Randall Hackett:
Congratulations to-
Women’s Champions- Eastern Guilford High School
Men’s Champions- Eastern Guilford High School

Basketball Tournament All Tournament Teams


Player's number    Player's name          From (team)
34                 Jeffries, Nichelle     Northeast Guilford
1                  Ingram, Elana          Roxboro Community
40                 Harris, Jazmin         Eastern Guilford   MVP
10                 Roberts, Kristen       Southeast Guilford
5                  Simmons, Kennedi       Southeast Guilford
20                 McLean, Destiny        Eastern Guilford
22                 Tanton, Cassie         McMichael
20                 Burgess, Destiny       Graham
21                 Mock, Pamela           Northeast Guilford
8                  Gude, Bridie           Southern Peninsula


Player's number    Player's name          From (team)
4                  Alston, Jaylen         Eastern Guilford    MVP
45                 Hughes, Mac            Northeast Guilford
10                 James, John            Southeast Guilford
5                  Venable, Montez        Eastern Guilford
24                 McMullen, Joey         Orange
4                  Portman, Mitch         Orange
3                  Clayton, Te'Shon       Roxboro Community
3                  Malone, Jalen          Northeast Guilford
3                  Hinds-Chavis, Khalid   Southeast Guilford
13                 Paschall, Morgan       Orange

Women’s Order of Finish in the 2017 Eastern Guilford Holiday Basketball Tournament:
#1 Eastern Guilford
#2 Northeast Guilford
#3 Roxboro Community
#4 Graham
#5 Southeast Guilford
#6 McMichael
#7 Australia
#8 Western Guilford

Men’s Order of Finish in the 2017 Eastern Guilford Holiday Basketball Tournament:
#1 Eastern Guilford
#2 Orange
#3 Northeast Guilford
#4 Graham
#5 Southeast Guilford
#6 Roxboro Community
#7 Australia
#8 Western Guilford