Getting in on some of the High School Basketball #’s and Stats as we hit the month of January

Numbers coming in from the schools that have been posting numbers at…..This will get us rolling until other numbers start rolling in…We will also update, as our schools update their numbers at MaxPreps….

Going with the guys first and get some of the girls going on Wednesday, I hope…

Points Per Game:
32.2 ppg Ahmad Jeffries(New Garden Friends School) 13 games
27.5 ppg Greyson Collins(Caldwell Academy) 11 games
25.5 ppg Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS) 15 games with 13 Double-Doubles
23.8 ppg Isaiah Bigelow(Smith HS) 10 games
21.1 ppg Andy Pack(Northern Guilford HS) 12 games
20.3 ppg Derek Brandon(New Garden Friends) 13 games
18.9 ppg K.J. Garrett(Caldwell Academy) 11 games
18.4 ppg Jaden Turner(Southwest Guilford HS) 9 games
17.8 ppg Dhieu Abwok-Deing(High Point Central HS) 12 games
16.3 ppg Jahlen King(Page HS) 12 games
16.0 ppg Landon Sutton(High Point Christian Academy) 5 games
15.0 ppg Shakeel Moore(Piedmont Classical School) 20 games
14.7 ppg William Collis(Caldwell) 9 games
14.1 ppg Christian Martin(Southwest Guilford) 9 games
14.3 ppg Montez Venable(Eastern Guilford) 15 games
13.2 ppg Devin Resper(Grimsley HS) 12 games
13.2 ppg Travon Mayo(Piedmont Classical) 20 games
13.2 ppg Jake Ledbetter(HPCA) 5 games
12.6 ppg Jacob Crutchfield(Smith HS) 10 games
12.5 ppg Ahmil Flowers(Grimsley) 12 games
12.2 ppg JT Butler(Southwest Guilford) 9 games
12.1 ppg Brian Free(Piedmont Classical) 20 games
11.4 ppg Aaron Clark(Ragsdale HS) 13 games
10.9 ppg Trent McIntyre(Page HS) 12 games
10.8 ppg Cameron Hayes(Southwest Guilford) 10 games
10.8 ppg KeAnthony(Western Guilford HS) 13 games
10.0 ppg Jordan Roberson(HPCA)

You see above what we came up with in the scoring department so far and we will add in more stats below….
Impressive overall stats for Jaylen Alston at Eastern Guilford HS….To go along with is 25.5 ppg, Alston averages 12.4 Rebounds per Game, he has gone 149-232 from the field for 64& FG shooting, he has hit 65% of his Free Throws, to go along with 55 steals, 30 blocks and 41 assists…

Montez Venable, at Eastern Guilford HS, has hit for his 14.3 ppg, and has averaged 6.3 assists per game with a total of 94 assists and he is shooting 70% from the Free Throw Line, plus Venable goes for 55% shooting from the field and Venable hits for 49% from behind the arc/three-point mark……….Isaiah Bigelow at Smith with the 23.8 ppg, plus 10.4 Rebounds per Game and he has made 87% of his FT’s and shoots 46% from Three Point range…Cameron Hayes at Smith is again at 10.8 ppg and he averages 8.4 assists per game, plus he his hitting 87% of his FT’s…Jacob Crutchfield, from Smith HS with the 12.6 ppg and he hits 84% of his FT’s…

Jaden Turner, from Southwest Guilford HS, on board at 18.4 ppg, plus 9.3 Rebounds per Game….Northern Guilford’s Andy Pack, from Northern Guilford HS, just broke Jonathan Frye’s career scoring mark and Pack is at 22.1 ppg with 4.3 Rebounds per Game and he is 80% shooting at the FT line and is connecting on 44% of his FG attempts….

Ahmad Jeffries, from the New Garden Friends School, adds 6.8 rebounds per game to his 32.2 ppg….Trent McIntyre, from Page HS, scores at the 10.9 ppg clip, he is averaging 4.5 assists per game and he is taking away/making 2.5 steals per game….Also adding in Derek Brandon(New Garden Friends) to go with his 20.3 ppg, Derek has put together 8.9 Rebounds per Game and 6.6 Assists per Game……

*****As more stats/#’s become available, we will work on the increase……*****

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  1. We added Aaron Clark….He fell between the cracks as we we were doing a Greensboro and High Point search and Ragsdale does not fall into to either site, Greensboro or High Point, and they go with a listing for Jamestown…

    Glad we got him up and listed and thanks Ragman…


  2. Yes we got Derek Brandon in there and we saw him on the NGFS Bears’ MaxPreps page, but we got so consumed by the effortS of Ahmad Jeffries, we bypassed DB and now as you can see, DB is on the list and thanks for the addition…Was just wondering, any relation to Montay Brandon that used to be at NEG and WES and then went on to either Florida State or Georgia Tech and he/Brandon did well in the ACC….


  3. Oh I understand Ahmad’s numbers are crazy. Derek is not related to Montay, but they have very similar games ironically. Unfortunately, Derek is not quite 6’7 haha.

  4. there is only 1 school in Jamestown, they are a Guilford county school and they play all the above teams.. there is no separate listings for Jamestown schools. Please be sure to add then to your list, those kids and parents like seeing their names as well. Thank you

  5. Ragsdale is a Guilford county school and there id’s nooo separate listings for Jamestown, they play all the above schools and should be included with this group when you speak of the area sports. They look to this site for reports as well. Thank you

  6. Right in some ways, but when you want Ragsdale you need to type in Ragsdale, not sure if you can get them typing in Jamestown….

    Ragsdale, Northeast Guilford, Eastern Guilford, all are not listed in the Greensboro or High Point listings and I have always have to remember to type them in separately and I did that for the girls and no stats for the Ragsdale girls right now at…

    We shall persevere and we shall overcome, just keep reminding us and it will be taken care of with our second load of wash and we will have a full set of clean clothes by the time George Birthington’s Washday gets here…..

  7. Thank you AD I appreciate that, funny tho, because Ragsdales basketball conference consists of Page,Northwest,High point central and Grimsly

  8. You can’t report what you don’t have. It is the coach’s responsibility to input stats on Maxpreps and it is also their choice not to. So the issue is not the location of your school but the information your school does or does not provide.

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