Good News from Tuesday night:Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford HS) finds “Grace” in a Guilford County Courthouse

Good news coming in tonight for ‘The Spiceman’ Jalen Spicer, former point guard for the Northwest Guilford Vikings….

This past Summer Jalen Spicer was charged with felony common law robbery, breaking or entering a motor vehicle and misdemeanor assault….

Spicer was with a group of teenagers that beat up and robbed another Guilford County teen in Oak Ridge…

Serious felony charges were facing Jalen Spicer, but today, ‘The Spiceman’ saw “Grace” come walking into the Guilford County Courthouse and in turn we learned, that many uplifted prayers for this young man had been heard and those prayers had been answered….

Spicer faced Judge Carl Fox for sentencing after taking an Alford plea to charges of misdemeanor possession of stolen goods. An Alford plea means the defendant(Jalen Spicer) is not admitting guilt but finds it in his best interest to enter a guilty plea.

Judge Fox looked Spicer in the eye Tuesday and asked, “Do you know what grace is?”

Superior Court judge Fox recognized that Spicer had made a mistake that brought criminal charges with serious consequences, so he granted him “grace.”

Court costs and judgement, plus the key word from Judge Fox and that key word is “Grace”….Very happy to hear this report tonight and hope all is well that ends well and we this ending as a good one for ‘The Spiceman’, Jalen Spicer…

A good kid that made a bad decision/choice and now with some big help from his attorney and with the key judgement of “Grace” from Judge Carl Fox, Jalen Spicer can re-build his life and get on with it in a positive manner…

Good news yes and we hope Jalen Spicer can take this lesson and learn from it and the “Grace” shown by Judge Fox, will create a lasting peace/impression…..

CLICK HERE for the full report from Danielle Battaglia, at the News and Record/….We used several excerpts from Danielle Battaglia in our post above and credit her for those examples and quotes…..

We close and we say it again and we can’t say it enough, Good News to hear Jalen Spicer/’The Spiceman’ has his feet underneath him and that he’s now back on the ground, and that he is moving forward and headed in the right direction…..