Guilford College Community loses long-time teacher and coach:Looking back at the life of Pete Eller

We don’t have all of the details on this one yet, but we learned this morning that the Guilford College community has lost a long-time teacher and coach, with the death of Peter Eller….
CLICK HERE for the Pete Eller obituary from the News and Record….Must say this in one of the most touching and moving obituaries that I have read in a long time….

Eller spent 30 years teaching at the Guilford Middle School, now Western Guilford Middle and Pete Eller coached a variety of different sports at the school….He was very well-versed in baseball and coached in the local Guilford College community youth league for several years, with most of those years/seasons spent coaching the Guilford College Dodgers….

Eller played high school football and baseball at Guilford High School and later at Western Guilford High School and he was looked at, as being one of the top athletes to come through the Guilford College community….He had a great mind for the game and shared his knowledge with a lot of community kids over the years….

He was a coach in that Guilford College youth baseball league with well-known area coaches such as Stumpy Brown, Charlie King, Ed Royal, Ralph Stafford, Richard Collins, Henry Bondurant, Jerry Carrick, David Page and others….

Eller taught and coached for many years at the Guilford Middle School and he spent many of those years along-side teacher/coach Roger Brooks….

Pete was married to Wanda Cummings, another student from the Guilford College community, who also later became a teacher and I know that they had at least one child, because their daughter Karli Eller, was one of the best basketball and soccer players to ever attend Western Guilford High School…

I remember Pete Eller for the color red, because I am pretty sure he had a bright red Ford Mustang and I am thinking he attended and graduated from N.C. State University, home of the Red and White…

He had a brother Tommy Eller, who was a very good baseball pitcher and the Ellers came from a family of educators, as the Eller boys mom taught at Guilford High School and maybe later on at the Middle School and she paid her dues and put her time in and so did her son, whom she was very proud of and that is the cord throughout the Guilford College community, as they remember Pete Eller as a hard-working man, that loved and supported his family and he was a true first-class educator and coach….

Pete Eller, Class of 1969 at Western Guilford High School and gone today, on January 19,2018…..RIP:Pete Eller
(Cause of death was Cancer and Pete Eller had been in Hospice Care for several days)……

+++++And just to say it one more time, he was one of the best and most knowledgeable baseball people that I have ever seen…..+++++