Ragsdale Girls Fight To Victory, Grimsley Boys Grind in Win Over Ragsdale – Wyatt Smith Reporting

The Ragsdale Lady Tigers defeated the Grimsley Whirlies by a score of 38-29 in their first game in two weeks on Friday night. The two teams battled for a win in the conference with Ragsdale finally pulling through.

The Tigers struggled offensively and were plagued by defensive errors as they battled the Whirlies who were playing in their third game of the week.

Ragsdale’s Nyah Stallings scored a game-high 19 points, with 13 coming in the first half. Maraih Frazier also scored 9 for the Tigers.

Grimsley’s Isabel Cox scored 9 points to pace the Whirlies and Rebecca Little scored 7.

Lady Tigers head coach Ben Bradford believes that two weeks off and little practice time were to blame for a slow start.

“We are a better team than we showed tonight, although you’re only as good as you play,” Bradford said. “We have a talented group of girls, they just have to show up and perform if we are going to continue to be successful.”

The Tigers improve to 16-3 overall and 2-1 in the Metro-4A conference with the win.  Grimsley’s record drops to 6-11 overall and 0-5 in the conference.


GRI:    4    12    19   29

RAG:   5    17    28   38




The Grimsley Whirlies beat the Ragsdale Tigers by a final score of 69-63 in Metro 4A conference action at Ragsdale High School on Friday night. Grimsley’s Devan Rasper’s 23 points and the team’s ability to throw Ragsdale off their game were key in the victory.

Although the Whirlies led by as many as 10 points in the first half, the Tigers made adjustments at halftime to battle back and retake the lead at the end of the third quarter.

Grimsley head coach Thomas Griffis was expecting an adjustment, he said.

“Coach Shoemaker is one of the best coaches in the area, and I knew that at halftime he would make adjustments. I told our guys that to win they would have to grind, and I think we did a decent job of that tonight.”

Ragsdale found gold with perimeter shooting from Tre Goode who finished with 19 points, including 12 in second-half three pointers.

The two teams battled back and forth until late in the fourth quarter when Grimsley had the lead and Ragsdale was forced to begin fouling to attempt to stop them from running the clock.

Devan Rasper made a sterling 9-9 free throws, including 8-8 in the fourth quarter to contribute his part for the Whirlies as they pulled away for good.

Ragsdale coach Chris Shoemaker felt that “sloppy passing and inability to finish around the basket” were two main reasons that the Tigers weren’t victorious on Friday night.

“We have a couple of tough games coming up,” Shoemaker said. “The teams are different, but very even, in our conference.”

The Whirlies will continue after the victory with the motto of “grinding out wins”, Griffis said.

The Whirlies, now (11-9) overall and 3-2 in the conference and continue Metro-4A conference play with a game against Northwest Guilford on Tuesday.

The Tigers drop to (9-10) overall and 2-1 in the conference with the loss and will be back in action on Wednesday against Page.



Devan Resper- 23 points

Nate Urqhart- 16 points

Nick Cotton- 11 points

Jalen Williams- 11 points


Tre Goode- 19 points

Devan Boykin- 14 points

Jaay Ford- 14 points

Aaron Clark- 10 points


  1. I’m sorry but one the best coaches in the county?? What has he won since Jay Canty? Not to mentioned there has been 30 quality players transfer in the past 8 years..

  2. Do people realize that in 2009 Jamestown Jaruzelski MS had the following starters:
    Jay Canty: Xavier/ App St.
    Jonathan Frye: Tulane/ App St
    Jarrius Sims; HPU
    Duece Bello: Baylor

    How many graduated from Ragsdale?

  3. @ Triad Hoops & JYL (not sure if different people as it seems you have same issues and very rarely do 2 people post regarding Ragsdale these days). It is a shame an adult would sling arrows with partial “facts”. You do realize kids (and adults) read the internet and think everything they read is true without doing research so let me add some details you left out-

    -Coach was hired around the time you mentioned. Ragsdale did not have a winning basketball tradition or a history of sending players to college. They hired a coach with no local ties. Those kids all had deep “AAU” ties in the area long before his arrival.

    -Prior to his arrival, Jamestown Middle School had a stable winning program. “In the past 8 years”, how many coaches has the middle school had? Difficult to put a quality product on the court with limited consistency in your feeder program.

    -You go under the name of JYL. I assume in reference to Jamestown Youth League. Help me understand why JYL did not merge with the Y and help develop players for the middle and HS. We both know why but I will leave that for people who want to do the research.

    -Name a player that was developed by JYL that went on to any measure of success in basketball during the 8 years you speak of?

    -You mention, “30 quality transfers” – name any that have been big time D1 contributors? I bet the numbers are low.

    -Don’t under estimate the power of old money in the area. Things are the way they are in the area for a reason.

    -I suspect you have a child that you feel is being or has been passed over. With time, the pain will pass as you understand there are more joys in life you will experience beyond basketball if you prepare your son for the real world.

    -Sorry for the soliloquy but wanted to provide enough in case others wanted a starting place for research if desired as I assume you already know the above.

    In closing…as my son says, “The internet is undefeated. It never loses”. Only people lose on the internet. Try to be a winner today in life.

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