Game Report on Smith-West Caldwell Boys Basketball:Big Night for Ben L. Smith, as their 5th man on the scoring totes had 9 points(Puryear), Bigelow, Hayes, Gamble and Mason in the Top Four, as Eagles hit for 92 points/Win #100 for Coach Derrick Partee

Boys Basketball
*****Smith head coach Derrick Partee with win #100 tonight…..*****

Smith- 92 (24-3, 13-1), West Caldwell-50

Smith-         27(1st) 25(2nd) 17(3rd) 23(4th)
West Caldwell- 12(1st) 11(2nd) 15(3rd) 12(4th)

Smith scorers
Cameron Hayes-14 points
Jordan WIlliams- 8 points
Jacob Crutchfield- 5 points
Isaiah Bigelow- 15 points
Silas Mason- 10 points
Jaylan Gainey- 8 points
Terence Burris- 5 points
Malik Puryear- 9 points
Jalen Gamble- 12 points
J. Gaddy- 1 Point
N. Witherspoon- 5 point

West Caldwell scorers
K. Carver- 3 point
T. Hall- 24 points
A. Isabell- 2 points
T. Dula-6 points
H. Triplett- 4 points
K. Dula-11 points

Courtesy of Smith assistant coach Irv