In honor of President’s Day and Abraham Lincoln here are some Key Links/Lincs to Saturday’s High School Basketball Games

Link #1 and how did they get it done??? Greensboro Day School Bengals defeating the Wesleyan Christian Academy Trojans and GDS was still minus Will Dillard? That seems unfathomable and who was playing defense on Jaylen Hoard, with Hoard failing to score and that almost seems unfathomable…..GDS loses to WES twice during the regular season(by 14-15 points) and then GDS tops Wes by 14 in the NCISAA Championship Game and Will Dillard is still out and can not play???

This all seems almost unbelievable, but I guess with Freddy Johnson-coached teams you should come to expect, the Unexpected….And I’m sure some real good help from the Jeff Smith-coaches GDS defense as well….

Well here is that key link from Joe Sirera from the News and Record and HSXtra, who had been MIA for about a week, but it looks like Joe’s return came just as the returns from the game were rolling in, and Joe was back right on time….Click Below and you can also catch the video show….More links for sure, to go with this one, but I just wanted to do a little talking to set this one up…Here you go, and just Click On below…

CLICK HERE for GDS over WES in the Boys NCISAA 3-A Championship Game…

(Langston Wertz Jr., had said in the Charlotte Observer on Saturday, that he thought Wesleyan Christian Academy was the best boys public or private school team in the state and now after Saturday, he may have some different thoughts on that statement.)

CLICK HERE for more of ‘Super Joe Sirera’, not to be confused with “Super Dave Osborne”, and Joe has the story on the show, where the Wesleyan Christian Academy girls brought home their first-ever State Title, with Shaniya Jones, setting the tones and dribbling through the cones, as she led her Trojans to the title, scoring a game-high 23 points…

Go right ahead and CLICK HERE for David Kehrli at the The Times-News in Burlington and his headline on the Eastern Guilford boy over the Northern Guilford Nighthawks reads,
Wildcats boys dominate Northern Guilford……

As for the (26-2) Wildcats in David Kehrli found the words of EG coach Joe Spinks to be very analytical, as Coach Spinks said about the ‘Cats victory:
“I didn’t expect (such a lopsided win),” Spinks said. “We shot the ball really well, but we put in the time. (Friday), the kids wanted to stay and shoot. We had a shoot around and walk-through and it lasted two hours — it was intended to last an hour and 15 minutes.”

Click Above and I’m sure you’ll love the insight from last night and from the EG ‘Cats 84-48 win at Gibsonville….

CLICK HERE for John Robertson at the Times-News in Burlington for the story on his headline, Havelock denies Wildcats girls….Havelock Rams over Eastern Guilford Wildcat women, 58-56 and Havelock’s coach, Anna Spear was saying this:
“You have to steal wins on the road,” Havelock coach Anna Spear said. “This team is resilient. When it’s game time, it’s game time with this team.”

Here is a box score rundown from the Charlotte Observer,, that might be of interest to the Northwest Guilford girl’s fans….And note, Ardrey Kell upset Hickory Ridge, but Ardrey Kell still has one of Muhsin Muhammad’s daughters(Journey Muhammad), still on their team and she hit for 27 points vs. Hickory Ridge…The other Muhammad sisters from the past were, Chase Muhammad and Jordan Muhammad and you can bet for sure that former Carolina Panther Muhsin Muhammad will be in attendance on Tuesday night for the game with Ardrey Kell at Northwest Guilford HS……
Here is the info:

Ardrey Kell   17 17 21 18 -- 73
Hickory Ridge 13 15 12 24 -- 64

Hickory Ridge: Shears 15, Smith 13, Richardson 12, Daniel 9, Green 7, Wagner 4, Dickens 2, Calhoun 2

Ardrey Kell: Journey Muhammad 27, Deniyah Lutz 23, D’Shara Booker 14 points & 17 rebounds, Michelle Ojo 8 points & 10 rebounds.

Also coming in from the Charlotte Observer with Charlotte Olympic over Greensboro Page in Double OT…

Page.    6. 17. 15. 19. 6. 8. 71.
Olympic 15  16  15  11. 6 14. 77

Olympic: Josh Banks 29, J.B. Truesdale 20, Taurus Ragin Jr. 10, Harris 8, Barr 4, Bryson 3, Hubert 2, Gumbura 1.

Page: Jaylen King 19, Elijah Short 17, Trent McIntyre 11, Terrell Davis 12, Angus 6, Thomas 4, Floyd 2.

*****Northern Guilford girls-Jesse Carson coming in from Mike London at the Salisbury Post:*****
CARSON (47) — Gabriel 19, Gadson 18, Wilhelm 6, Conrad 2, Shumaker 2, Cooper, Isley, Wiggins, Turney, Co. Perry.

N.GUILFORD (56) — Wampler 16, Robakiewicz 12, Cunnane 11, Chandler 9, Henderson 8, Penn.

Carson          11   9    11   16   — 47
N. Guilford     20  10    12   14   — 56

“We had an opportunity to win, so it’s a tough loss, but it’s hard for me to be upset right now,” Carson coach Brooke Stouder said. “We played so hard, that I can’t be upset.”
“We played a lot of zone early, and we did a good job on Cunnane, but they also have good guards who can handle it and shoot it,” Carson coach Brooke Stouder said.

Lots of good information from Mike London at the Salisbury Post on Northern Guilford-Jesse Carson and you can CLICK HERE to read it all and follow-up on Saturday’s game….

+++++Here is the word on Northeast Guilford-EE Smith from the Fayetteville Observer:from Jaclyn Shambaugh at the Fayetteville Observer

NORTHEAST GUILFORD    15   4 16 11—47
E.E. SMITH            14  11  8 20—53

NORTHEAST GUILFORD — Asia Pearly 10, Pamela Mack 13, Dana Briscoe 10, Hobbs 7, T. Briscoe 6

E.E. SMITH — Fredricks 2, Dixon 3, Ke’Onna Bryant 10, Alex Scruggs 27, Parson 5, Thomas 6

Records: Northeast Guilford 16-12, E.E. Smith 27-3

The key issue of the game, according to Bulls forward Alex Scruggs, was that E.E. Smith’s defense had zeroed in on top-scoring guard Nichelle Jeffries.

“We knew she could pull up from wherever, and it just got in our heads,” Scruggs said. “That’s why (Hardy) called that early timeout and just told us, ‘Y’all got this.’ She’s good, but we can play some good defense, too. Our defense, every position had to be in 100 percent.”

You CLICK HERE to read all from Jaclyn Shambaugh at the Fayetteville Observer…..

+++++Report on Southwest Guilford girls at North Iredell from the Statesville Record and Landmark….+++++
North Iredell 67, Southwest Guilford 48

SW Guilford      17  7  12  12—48
North Iredell    18 15  16  18—67

SOUTHWEST GUILFORD (48): Faith Price 29, Carter 8, Nyok 4, Bryant 4, Gandalfo 2, Adeloye 1.

NORTH IREDELL (67): Rachel LaLonde 31, Addie Pennell 11, Allen 9, Liles 8, Grinton 4, Turner 4.

North Iredell very happy to move on to the next round:
Junior Addie Pennell is one of those thrilled to get over that hurdle.

“We’re ecstatic,” said Pennell, who scored 11 points and dished out five assists against Southwest Guilford (21-8). “We’re all so excited that we get to be in the gym with each other another week, and hopefully we can go all the way.”

North Iredell overcomes third-round stumbling block, beats SW Guilford comfortably
CLICK HERE to read all from Brian Meadows at the Statesville Record and Landmark….