Carolina Acceleration Baseball Today:Games are set, but will the Rain be today’s WP???/Let’s just “Wait and See”!!!/Grimsley wins, Page wins/Ragsdale wins//WG wins/EF wins/SWG with No-hitter vs. The ROCK

Carolina Acceleration Baseball Finals for Today
Grimsley 2, Eastern Guilford 0
Cameron Edwards started for EG and gave up the two runs to Grimsley….Hunter Fleming worked for EG in relief…Grimsley with 4 hits and EG with 3…..Nile Harris for Grimsley with 1 hit and one scored run….Jake Bloss the Win, plus a key hit for the pitcher…
Grimsley(1-0)/EG(0-1)….Grimsley at Southwest Guilford on Friday at 5pm
Southwest Guilford 5, Rockingham County 0
SWG(1-0)/ROCK(0-1)…Jacob Edwards & Jacob Shafer combine for the SWG Cowboys’ No-Hitter against Rockingham County, in the 5-0 win…
*****Grimsley at Southwest Guilford on Friday….*****
Ragsdale 13, Burlington Williams 3
Western Guilford 11, Northeast Guilford 6
Trevor Glisson for WG with a Triple that nearly left the yard…
*****Western Guilford JV’s win 7-6 in comeback fashion.*****
Northwest Guilford-5. Northern Guilford-1
W-Ethan Blanchard, 5 IP, 3 h, 5 k, 0 R. L-Sam Kaplan, 4 IP, 3 K, 2 R, 1 ER.
East Forsyth Eagles 4, Mount Tabor 2

        1	2	3	4	5	6	7	R	H	E
ESTF	0	0	0	2	0	1	1	4	7	2
MNTB	0	1	0	0	0	0	1	2	10	3

*****Matt Rivers for EF with 2 RBI….

Randleman 6, Northwood 5
Southwestern Randolph 10, Eastern Randolph 2

Page was up on Dudley and they moved the Varsity game up with Page-Dudley to 5pm and pushed the JV game back and the Varsity would then get their game in before the rain would hit Page High School….We feel pretty certain in saying, the Page Varsity defeated Dudley today…..One of our chief scouts, Dennis W., was this game…..

Last check-in, Western Guilford-Northeast Guilford tied up at 4-4 late….WG led early 4-0, but the NEG Rams came roaring back to tie the game up and on they go into the night and into the elements, at WG…..
WG moved ahead 7-4 in the sixth inning per local scout….See final above….

Carolina Acceleration Baseball Today
Here are some of the games we have seen listed so far for today/Wednesday:
Dudley at Page
Rockingham County at Southwest Guiford 5pm
Burlington Williams at Ragsdale 5pm
Northeast Guilford at Western Guilford 4:30pm JV’s/Varsity at 7pm
Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford 7pm

On Thursday we will see, Southeast Guilford at East Forsyth and on Friday you have Grimsley at Southwest Guilford HS…..

+++++Here is our preview that we ran a few weeks back and Grimsley is the team to beat this year/season….They are loaded and they should load the bases and be really good…Southeast is still very strong, Southwest Guilford is still strong, Wesleyan Christian Academy will be the top Private School baseball team again and we talk about Northern Guilford and how they were Champs last year, but this year, they will be in a total re-build….Teams like Northwest Guilford and Ragsdale may be on their way back, but we will just have to wait and see…That might be our very best motto for this upcoming high school baseball season of 2018, “Wait and See”….Sometimes we say it is the best time to get out and “Go, Go, Go,”, this year we all may be best served to take it easy and take it slow and wait for your team to, “Go, Go, Go…..”

“Wait and See”, that should be our motto for 2018…..Some of you may want to put your foot on the gas pedal here in late February and go out flying fast and furious, but it is probably best for us all, at this stage of the game to, “Wait and See”….Take it from me, “Wait and See”….

Here is preview from earlier in the month…….+++++

This year should be a peak year for the Grimsley Whirlies with C.J. Neese(N.C. State), Gus Hughes, Jake Bloss, Rob Dalton, Jackson Dempsey, Griffin Albright, Taylor Hanover, Terrence Whack and others back on board and Grimsley should really be the favorite to win the Metro 4-A Conference…Solid coaching with Gary Flynn and Brett Garrett back for the Whirlies…..The NWG showed major improvement toward the end of last season and should be a contender, Page should be fine, Ragsdale is still on the total rebuild and High Point Central is not an easy out….

There is no doubt that Southeast Guilford will always be good and now on the 3-A level, the Falcons will be challenged by Southern Alamance, Asheboro, SW Randolph, Eastern Guilford and others in that conference…But with Jaylen Guy, Jax Hackett, Ryan Douglas and Devin Bartley all back, SEG should be ready for anything that gets thrown at them…Charlie Gamble Jr. and Charlie Gamble III should be running the team while Coach Dave Beasley finishes up his duties with girls basketball….

Southwest Guilford should still be very tough with head coach Reid Holmes and his Cowboys sure to be a major favorite in the new Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference…Jacob Edwards(P/CF) back along with Chu, Thornton, Hairston, Zente, Busick, Grose, McIntosh and others and I can tell you, SWG can a long way with Edwards and McIntosh toeing the rubber….

The Northern Guilford Nighthawks are the defending NCHSAA 3-A State Champs and we will have to wait and see how they hold up in 2018 vs. Western Alamance, Northeast Guilford, Morehead, McMichael, Rockingham County and all of those very tough teams in the Mid-State…

We will keep an eye as the regular season hits and see what the baseball and softball teams are up to….I think Ethan Albright stepped down at the end of last season as the softball coach at Page and if Megan Harbaugh is still coaching at Ragsdale and with her background ties to Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh and Jack Harbaugh, the Tigers should be able to hit and we know the usual softball suspects like Southeast, Northwest, Southwest and Northern Guilford will all be there….

We have put a few items on your plate for today and let’s hope all of the teams can get outside today….And we will have more on the inside later on this week…Basketball is still taking top priority, but the baseball and softball teams are ready to head toward their home base/plate…….


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