We have a Big Baseball Score, and we do have the details:Southeast Guilford runs past East Forsyth, 7-1/More Scores/More #’s

Here is more for you on a Sunday afternoon…Big Statement Game FINAL:Southwest Guilford 12, Grimsley 4

                        1	2	3	4	5	6	7	R	H	E
Grimsley	        0	1	0	0	0	3	0	4	9	3
Southwest Guilford	1	4	0	0	1	6	-	12	10	5

Grimsley #’s from MaxPreps and no MaxPreps #’s on SWG…Grimsley Nile Harris 1-3/Run…Gus Hughes 1-4/Run…CJ Neese 1-3/Run/2 RBI…Luke Jenkins 2-3…Rob Dalton 2-4…Jake Bloss 1-4…Jackson Dempsey 1-4…

Page 11, Smith 1
Page 22, Smith 2


Northwest Guilford 13, WS Reynolds 7

Ragsdale 11, WS Parkland 0

Glenn 6, High Point Central 5 (9 Innings)

Southeast Guilford 7, East Forsyth 1
*****This is all we have on this game, but it looks like a strong win for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and we all know that East Forsyth is a quality baseball team….Coach Dull gets it done the right way, and this is a good way for Southeast Guilford to start off their baseball season…Maybe some details on Jaylen Guy, Ryan Douglas, Devin Bartley and Jax Hackett coming up…..*****
Jax Hackett got a clutch hit in the gap …..
Alejandro Rodriguez, 2020, started rally in the 5th with a triple and an RBI; throwing error into dugout sent him home.

                     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Southeast Guilford   0 0 0 0 4 3 0 7 8 1 
East Forsyth         0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 5 4 

SEG details and #’s:
Ryan Douglas – WP 5 innings 3h 1R
Brandon Wallace – SV
Jaylen Guy 2 HR – Dead Centerfield !….Guy also laid out to steal a line drive at SS, made a diving tag at 2nd for an out….
Devin Bartley HR…This was a shot by DB out of the park….


  1. Douglas – W 5 innings 3h 1R
    Brandon Wallace – Sv
    Guy 2hr – Dead Centerfield !
    Bartley hr.

  2. Ryan Douglass 5 strong innings on the mound. Jaylen Guy 2 HRs and Devin Bartley a two run HR.

  3. What’s going on with the site? It says 3 comments to read but I see none of them.

  4. To Kevin. It’s such a shame that’s all you got when the whole TEAM played so we’ll.

  5. That’s right. the whole TEAM did play great. Defense made some big plays for Douglas and Wallace.

    East Forsyth is a very good team. They should do well this season.

  6. Relax guys, the only info I had of the game was the name of the young man who closed the game. I had no other info on who pitched or how SE scored. Relax! I have no dog in this fight.

  7. I sincerely mean no offense to any opposing team, but reality is, Tank schedules the softest schedule around… Year after year. Just go look back at it. He will drive to Fayetteville to play a weak team, because he’s searching for easy wins, but will bypass in county teams, as well as other out of county teams nearby… When he’s not sure he can beat them or compete. He’s done it for years. Secondly, the Pirates scores are quick to be posted with a “W”, but you’ll have to search like crazy if they lose. SMH. Don’t let the “aww shucks” “nice guy persona fool you”.

  8. SE Guilford was very good Saturday! They played a very sound and fundamental game and capitalized on all the mistakes the Eagles made. They play each other again on March 15 at Southeast Guilford.

  9. why are you coming down on the coach from page? that’s a low blow. everybody wants wins whether its good teams or bad teams. seems like something personal. they’re in a tough conference so wins and lost will come in the conference . you play the hand your dealt. everyone wants to get in the playoffs with the new format that has been set up. so playing a soft versus hard non conference schedule is no different than football. my opinion.

  10. What’s up Schedule? Are you a former Page baseball player back in the days that couldn’t make the team when you played, or do you have a son that played at Page and he didn’t get a chance to play because his skills wasn’t good enough to play for “Tank”. All teams in the area play the same teams year after year. Some schools are not good in baseball. I can name a few schools in the Guilford county. Because of the budget for schools, many schools can’t travel far away, so they have to play schools in this area. Also, Page has been good in all sports for decades, and a lot schools know that and don’t want to play Page. If you have issues with the Page Baseball Coach, you need to contact him directly, and not behind his back.

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