Closing Statement from Montez Venable #5 for Eastern Guilford boys basketball and it’s a good one/We now have comment from EG’s #4 Jaylen Alston

from Montez Venable, Eastern Guilford boys basketball, #5, the kid who hit for 39 points at Fayetteville State University vs. Jacksonville Northside High School this past Saturday, and this is the closing time statement from Montez Venable and it is a very good one, he is much respected by all that saw this young man play the game of high school basketball, and the effort he gave this past Saturday afternoon was one for the ages, establishing a key spot/marker, within the folklore of NCHSAA basketball….

Here is Montez/Tes Venable from Twitter speaking in terms of last game for Eastern Guilford HS on Saturday afternoon, March 3, 2018:

Well yesterday was the last time I would put that jersey on ..I didn’t get where I wanted too but I wouldn’t go to war with any other group of boys …We changed that program(Eastern Guilford boys basketball) around and I thank everybody who was supported me…..

Check out this comment from Montez Venable’s teammate, #4 Jaylen Alston……from Twitter…..

Here is the comment from the young man who could not crack the starting lineup when he attended Lincoln Middle School, but ended up averaging 25 ppg and 12 rebounds a game, his senior year, at Eastern Guilford High School…..

God has a plan for everyone and mine was to attend Eastern Guilford and be on the basketball team and later have those teammates turn into brothers. In my career its been ups and downs but i can say i have accomplished many goals others thought I couldn’t…..4…4ever