If I was putting together a Mount Rushmore for modern-day North Carolina Tar Heels basketball greats, Dean Smith, Phil Ford, Michael Jordan and Woody Durham would have to be up there

Here is our Mount Rushmore of ‘modern-day’ UNC Tar Heel Mens Basketball greats, with Dean Smith(coach), Phil Ford(player), Michael Jordan(player) and Woody Durham(radio announcer)…..

If we can only send four to the top of that mountain, those are the four from our modern era that we put up there on top of that Mount Rushmore….

Agree, or disagree????

Woody Durham just passed away within the last 24 hours and there have been a lot of memories of him coming in at a ton of different sites and sources, and I was thinking back today to 1982, with North Carolina vs. Georgetown for NCAA Title and the Heels won it and they had that tune/song that came out and it went something like, “When the Road to New Orleans, turns Carolina Blue”….Woody, I believe had a call of the game in that song, where he called one of his famous all-time, lines, and you can still hear it in your head today, if you were listening to the call of that game on that Monday night from New Orleans, “Thrown Away to Worthy, Thrown Away to Worthy”…..

UNC freshman Michael Jordan had hit that key shot that gave the North Carolina Tar Heels the late lead and then Georgetown’s Fred Brown threw the basketball away as the Hoyas were heading back up court to try and regain the lead from the Heels, but the ball was, “Thrown Away to Worthy, Thrown Away to Worthy”, and then to the ‘Road to New Orleans turned Carolina Blue’…….
(It was the first NCAA Title for Coach Dean Smith and the first NCAA Title for Woody Durham too.)

The time-out call by Chris Weber when UNC beat the Michigan Wolverines for the title in 1993 was huge as well, among Woody Durham’s famous UNC Tar Heels basketball calls….

The North Carolina Tar Heels’ Basketball Mount Rushmore, with Dean Smith, Phil Ford, Michael Jordan and Woody Durham…..Who is in with me, on this one?????