God’s Divine Grace Ministries/C.O.R.E. (8th) Grade All-Star Jamboree

The (1st) Annual 8th Grade All-Star Jamboree, would like to introduce and announce our student-athletes selected by area coaches, athletic directors and staff from city, county, charter, and private schools from around our community and county.

God’s Divine Grace Ministries, is a family based hybrid co-operative network of outreach ministries structured to support and empower the community through creative opportunities, resources, and education (C.O.R.E.).

These outreach programs include but are not limited to tournaments, leagues, camps, variety/talent shows, work training programs, self empowerment workshops, and nutritional health & cleansing classes, we’ve been in existence since August 97′, and have been sponsored to date by: BizNetz, Flow Auto, United Youth & Adult Care Services, Sterling Building Group, Inc., and Just-Kris Distributing to name a few of the companies that have allowed us to exist. With that being said I introduce the 2018 All-Star Jamboree student-athletes:

(Girls) “Team Black”(Raven Preston, Jessica Hopkins, Tashia Mason, Kate Jones, Destonie Tisdale, Melanie Nebitsie, Ava Cowles, Laney Murdoch, Brenna Holden, Sydney Roberts, Zahara Howie, Kelcey Barrow, Grace Gilbert)

(Girls)”Team Pink”(Anaya Cureton, Shamiya Harris, Siyanni Horton, Lillian McRae, Meghan Howell, Davionna Abram, Georgia Wells, Brooklyn Magnussen, Hannah Parker, Christian Atwater, Abby Muiry, Faith Ogjunbi, Brooke Anthony)… The girls will have a meet & greet Friday, March 9th(6:00pm-7:15pm) @ Bennett College gymnasium, an (11:00am) shoot around Saturday, March 10th, team picture (2:00pm) and game tips off at (4pm). All activities will be at Bennett College.
(Boys)”Team Red”(Emmanuel Elliott, Nolan Hodge, Jackson Helms, Connor Ballou, Antoine Shaw, Jayden Watlington, Drew Watkins, Sean O’Brien, Tyler Albright, Travis Shaw, Jackson Noble)

(Boys)”Team Blue”(Mavarin Gilley, Andrew Siler, Aaron Fant, Dice Royster, Malik Roberson, Jericho Siler, Jaylin Richmond, Bryson Medley, Zane Caudle, Jeremiah Whitsett, Josh Scovens)… the boys will have a meet & greet (7:15pm-8:30pm) Friday, March 9th @ Bennett College. Saturday, March 10th, boys practice (12 noon), team picture (2:30pm), game tip (5:00pm), all activities will be at Bennett College.

Note: This event is not in collaboration with any other organization, game, or person, and is not in place of any game or event.
A’ziel El-Shah Shalem, executive director (God’s Divine Grace Ministries/C.O.R.E.)