Veritas Sports Academy 8th Grade All-Star Game coming Saturday March 24 to Ben L. Smith High School

Veritas Sports Academy, Inc. is glad to present the 6th Annual 8th Grade All-Star Game for scholar-athletes in Guilford County on Saturday March 24, 2018 at Ben L. Smith High School. Girls game begins at 5:30 and immediately following will be the boys at 7:30 pm. It is our hope to celebrate these scholar-athletes for their accomplishments during the 2017-18 academic year.

Each year area middle school coaches have played a vital role in the selecting who will participate. Each coach can vote only for players on opposite teams. Players with the majority vote from the coaches will be selected to participate in the game.

Veritas Sports Academy, Inc., is a non-profit sports ministry that supports the dreams and aspirations of young scholar athletes to be the best person they can be on and off the playing surface. We have had the pleasure of honoring the top young scholars from Guilford County for the past 5 years and provide a family friendly event for the community. Names like Hendon Hooker (Dudley/VT), Thomas Hennigan (NW/Appalachian State), Jordan Perkins (Greensboro Day/NCCU), Brion Seagraves (Dudley/Towsoon), Jon Zellous (Dudley/Fay.State), Lauren Carter (SW/Campbell commit), Teara Johnson (Dudley/WSSU), Tre Turner (NW/VT), Shaniya Jones (Weslyan), Brendon Austin (Weslyan/WSSU), Cameron Langley (SW/NCA&T), Campbell Kargo (Page), Cameron Hayes (Ben L. Smith), Reggie Davis (NW/Lynchburg), Liz Kitley (NW/VT commit) to name a few.

This year’s All-Star Weekend will include the all-star game alumni who participated in the past games. They will serve as coaches as well as share words of wisdom with participants during our guest speaker sessions throughout the day and participate in leadership training and teambuilding activities.

“Bringing former athletes to speak with middle schoolers about what to expect in high school and college is priceless. To get a chance to ask questions and receive answers from other scholar-athletes who know what you are trying to accomplish can be just the spark that some of these kids need to fulfill their dreams of a college education or pursuing the career of their choice.” –Alan Hooker.

This unique event is not just about basketball but about celebrating the dreams of scholar-athletes who are at a very impressionable age.