Looking at NO Carolina Acceleration Baseball or Softball for Today(3/13/18) and look at Wednesday to be void of games and the Games might return on Thursday

We are looking at NO Carolina Acceleration Baseball or Softball for Today/Tuesday and looking at Wednesday we see NO games and are overall feeling is, the games MIGHT return on Thursday afternoon/Thursday evening…..

Is everyone else pretty much with us on these calls?????

Might be a good day to get by Carolina Acceleration or the Greensboro Batting Center, before or after practice today and get some extra work in and you have to feel, all school will practicing indoors today….How would you practice track and field indoors, unless you had a field house…Do you just run around the gym??? For baseball you can set up mats and pads to throw and hit into, and some schools have a cage that that they can set up indoors….

Neat new note on the college baseball scene….Guilford College now has a tarp and they had their field covered this past weekend when the rain and snow hit…….Should help them get the infield back up and going soon over at the Quakers’ campus…….

Maybe Guilford should start leasing infield time and they could use that extra money to purchase and install some lights and then Guilford could have that baseball field operating 24/7….You never know, they play all day and all night, all the time up in Alaska, in the Summer…..