Cesar Trejo(Ragsdale HS) drives in all Three Runs, as UNCG Spartans’ Baseball defeats Winthrop, 3-2

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ROCK HILL, S.C. – UNCG baseball survived a close game with the Winthrop Eagles Wednesday night at the Winthrop Ballpark. The Spartans scored two runs in the first inning and added the game-winner in the sixth as the bullpen locked down UNCG’s sixth-straight victory.

Dan Loats (Eden Prairie, Minn./NIACC) started on the mound. The senior threw 3.1 innings, allowed four hits, two earned runs and struck out three. Easton Welch (Randleman, N.C./Gardner-Webb) came on in relief with two runners on, and didn’t allow an inherited runner to score. He worked a total of 1.2 innings allowing just one hit and a strikeout.

Jake Lewis (Wendell, N.C./Corinth Holders) was next out of the bullpen. He worked 2.0 innings without allowing a hit and striking out two hitters. Jack Maynard (Crozet, Va./Patrick Henry CC) picked up his first save of the season, tossing the final two innings, allowing just one hit and striking out four hitters.

At the plate, Cesar Trejo (Greensboro, N.C./Ragsdale) continues his hot start to the season. Trejo finished 2-for-3 with a double and drove in all three runs in the victory. Josh Madole (Hampstead, N.C./Topsail) and Greg Hardison (Greenville, N.C./JH Rose) each added a pair of hits in the game.

UNCG didn’t waste any time, opening up a 2-0 lead in the first inning. Austin Embler (Southern Pines, N.C./Pinecrest) yanked a single to right field and a hit by pitch put Dillon Stewart (Coats, N.C./Brunswick CC) on first. Trejo laced a doubled to right field to drive in two and give UNCG the early advantage.

Winthrop scored runs in back-to-back innings on an RBI single Mitch Spires in the third inning and a solo home run from Cale Gibson in the fourth.

The Spartans took the lead in the top of the sixth inning. Andrew Moritz (Charlotte, N.C./Providence) singled and went first to third on a single from Stewart. Trejo drove in his third run of the game with a sacrifice fly to centerfield to score Moritz and give the Spartans the lead.

*****The Spartans are back in action this Friday as they continue the road swing for a three-game series at Lipscomb over the weekend.*****

7 thoughts on “Cesar Trejo(Ragsdale HS) drives in all Three Runs, as UNCG Spartans’ Baseball defeats Winthrop, 3-2

  1. awesome young man and an incredible talent!! If I’m not mistaken he is leading the country in batting average of .518. Keep it up Cesar we are pulling for you. Glad I was able to be apart of his younger baseball years!!

  2. Just congratulate a great player. How about keeping it at that? “Glad I….”… Looking for acknowledgement much? Geeze. Your boys could play as well for sure. Just be happy for them. Without sounding like an attention seeking…. Well, you know.

  3. I am not a mind-reader but I think Danny is just happy for the Trejo kid/young man and thankful to have had to the chance to work with him…

    That is just my take and the coaches from the early years in sports are just as important to the development of the young athletes as their coaches later on in high school, college and AAU…

    If the youth coach lays a good foundation, I think that is something the kid will never forget and if the youth coach does not lay out the correct foundation, fundamentals and groundwork, the kid may never catch up….

    Obviously, Cesar Trejo got it, and that is just my take…

    Good luck to all the kids out there playing in high school and moving on to college and I wonder how this year has been going for Caleb Webster, at UNCG?????

    UNCG also has Eaton Welch from Randleman and the Welch name is strong for baseball in Randleman and I wonder if the Trevor Clemons kid is still showing the signs back behind home plate for a local college team???

    You talk about another coach who knows the game and know it well, that is Jake Smith, down there at Randleman….

  4. @Pat yourself on the back, you sir or ma’am (whoever you are hiding behind your screen name) I said I was apart of it meaning my boys played with him through GBC. I was happy to see him and several others off that team play from 8year old up to college ball. Obviously you have an issue with me and i would about guess you obviously don’t know me personally. The coaching came from GBC (Rod Gorham, Carmine Pagano, Alan Ashkinazy, and even Jake Smith trained my son catching) and the head coach of that team. I took no credit for coaching him in my post. But if you knew me well you would’ve already known that. Trolls and people like you are the reason people quit coaching. But you are getting your little attention that obviously needed. Put your name up so you can let everyone know what kind of person you are.

    Still glad “I”was able to watch this kid progress from 8U up to college and if I am right I think I will even see hi, play past college with what Cesar is doing now. Rant over have fun trolling and hating. That’s definitely something to be proud of

  5. Now see, that was a great post Danny. You gave credit to those who deserve it. Without my post at you, you wouldnt have. I personally don’t need any credit or attention, hence my anonymous name. Your first post however, absolutely implied you had a part in this young man. Glad to see you corrected the record.

  6. See that’s where you are wrong. I gave him credit all along you just too blind with your hate and trolling. Your stupid comment is not why I changed anything i just felt you were too ignorant (putting that nicely) to understand it to begin with so I felt you needed to know what I meant in hopes you would apologize for being ignorant.. I bet you one thing Cesar and his parents darn well KNOW me and KNOW you are absolutely wrong. I stick with my previous comment that it’s idiots like you that make coaches quit. Love to see grown men (I assume a man) hide behind a screen name lol. Again keep on trolling. Andy thanks for the kind words because you understood the first comment because you know me personally unlike this clown making stupid comments hiding behind their computer.

  7. Just curious, but how did Ragsdale not make a run for the States 3-4 years ago? Belive they were knocked out of the 1st round both thos years?

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