Quite the Stunner last night, but was UMBC over UVA bigger that Chaminade over Virginia???(Top Sports Upsets of All-Time)

With all of the talk about the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s win over the University of Virginia last night in Round One of the NCAA Tournament, and with this UMBC win over UVA, you had the #16 seed defeating the #1 seed for the first time ever and with that in mind, you had one of the biggest upsets in Sports History…..

But I can’t help to think back to when Chaminade beat Virginia back in 1982, in what might have been a Round One game of the Rainbow Classic, in Hawaii, and to me that was always the biggest upset in college basketball history and I still think back to that game, as the high water mark for college hoops upsets, and that game always brings back memories of how that little tiny Chaminade school, an NAIA school, could beat Virginia and big Ralph Sampson…..How could that be possible???

But, it was and “Yes Virginia, there is a Grinch” and he showed up again last night…..You can pretty much take your pick with Maryland Baltimore County, or Chaminade and how does the same team show up on the same doorstep, more than once, and as for Virginia, they have made history again, and again, for all the wrong reasons….

We always thought Chaminade was a toilet paper(Charmin) and they did wipe up the court with Virginia and Ralph Sampson and now we have UMBC and Coach Ryan Odom taking the torch and running through the state of Virginia, with that torch….

But back to the greatest/biggest sports upsets of all-time, you have that “Miracle on Ice”, from the 1980 Winter Olympics, with the US over the Russians in hockey, then there was Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson that Saturday night in Japan many moons ago, and there was Mississippi State defeating the UConn women’s basketball team and ending their 1,000 game winning streak, or something like that and there was the Appalachian State Mountaineers, topping the Michigan Wolverines at the “Big House”, in Ann Arbor and you may have more on your mind….

YAHOO! Sports put the Chaminade win over Virginia at #5 All-Time and UMBC over UVA at #4 All-Time…..

Here is a look at what YAHOO! Sports was had to say about UVA and the way they decided to play, or not play last night and also on that fateful night, out in Hawaii…….

YAHOO! Sports
*****5. Chaminade over Virginia, men’s basketball*****

Virginia’s other shocking loss was more incomprehensible and unbelievable than its 2018 NCAA tournament disaster. In 1982, the Cavaliers, with the indomitable Ralph Sampson, lost 77-72 to Chaminade, a Hawaiian NAIA school with an enrollment of 900. There was no betting line, no media coverage, no awareness, not a single thought that the top-ranked team in the nation could lose. And yet it did. It remains the most inexplicable upset in college basketball history.

But there was so much mystery and mystique around the game – it wasn’t televised or caught on video, so fewer than 4,000 people have ever witnessed it – that it’s tough to judge. There are urban legends that have been crafted. There’s so much we don’t know about the circumstances and possible explanations for how the heck this happened that it’s difficult to rank it among the three greatest sports upsets of all time.

*****4. UMBC over Virginia, men’s college basketball*****

Let’s fight through recency bias and assess UMBC’s stunner fairly. And yes, it was a stunner. But was it as unfathomable as many people felt it was in the aftermath? Probably not.

It was as earth-shaking as it was because 16 over 1 had never been done before. But just because it hadn’t been done before didn’t make it near-impossible. Several 16-seeds had come close. And when you consider that, over the years, 135 had entered games against top seeds with, on average, roughly a 2 or 3 percent chance to win – just as UMBC did – it’s actually somewhat surprising that none had.

There are also reasons UMBC over Virginia was more likely than most potential 16-over-1s. Virginia was missing a key player. It also plays a style and a pace conducive to fluky outcomes. Its system neutralizes talent advantages. Underdogs only have to sustain extraordinary performance for relatively fewer possessions. So there were reasons to think a UMBC upset was possible.

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