Carolina Acceleration High Baseball and Softball Today(4/10/18):Teams are back at it after the Spring Break

Piedmont Classical School(1-5) at Triad Math and Science(7-0) 4pm
Fayetteville Street Christian(0-4) at Vandalia Christian(2-3) 4pm
High Point Central(5-8) at Northwest Guilford(9-6) 6pm
Grimsley(8-6) at Ragsdale(6-7) 6pm
Burlington Christian(0-5) at Caldwell Academy(10-2) 6pm
Glenn(7-8) at Davie County(6-5) 6pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy(8-1) at Charlotte Stampede(8-5) 6:30pm
Bethany Community School(1-1) at Cornerstone Charter(2-5) 7pm
Smith(3-8) at Western Guilford(6-7) 7pm
Dudley(6-7) at Southwest Guilford(11-3) 7pm
Northeast Guilford(4-10) at Northern Guilford(9-6) 7pm
Eastern Guilford(6-7) at Southwestern Randolph(10-5) 7pm
Burlington Williams(5-9) at Southern Guilford(2-11) 7pm
High Point Andrews(0-9) at Providence Grove(12-4) 7pm
Forsyth Country Day(11-4) at Westchester Country Day(5-1) 7pm
East Forsyth(10-5) at WS Reagan(9-4) 7pm
Rockingham County(7-7) at McMichael(8-6) 7pm
Reidsville(5-10) at Graham(5-7) 7pm

Smith(2-7) at Western Guilford(4-6) 6pm
Dudley(2-9) at Southwest Guilford(10-1) 6pm
Northeast Guilford(1-7) at Northern Guilford(8-1) 6pm
Grimsley(0-6) at Ragsdale(8-3) 6pm
Eastern Guilford(5-4) at Southwestern Randolph(6-6) 6:30pm
Burlington Williams(2-9) at Southern Guilford(1-7) 6:30pm
High Point Central(4-5) at Northwest Guilford(9-4) 7pm