Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball and Softball for Wednesday(4/25/18):Everything that was set for yesterday/Tuesday, we are running it back today(Very few games Today/Wednesday)/East Forsyth takes Walkertown

**********East Forsyth Eagles Take 5-1 Victory Over Walkertown**********
^^^^^No Grimsley today, No Page today, No Southeast Guilford today, No Eastern Guilford today, No Ragsdale today, No Northwest Guilford today…..East Forsyth is playing/hosting the Walkertown Wolfpack and we will check on that score, later on tonight….The Greensboro Grasshoppers took two from Hickory today in daytime Doubleheader, at Hickory…..^^^^^

*****Looking at the schedules for yesterday and saying that all of the games that we missed yesterday, those will be made up today….Going that route for right now and we will add in other regularly scheduled games for Wednesday, along with these games that were set for Tuesday and now look to be played today/Wednesday….*****

*****Lots of game already scheduled for Thursday, so you know the teams are going to want to get the games in today, if they can…*****

Piedmont Classical School at Millenium Charter 4pm
Wheatmore at High Point Andrews 5pm
Northwest Guilford at Grimsley 6pm
*****NWG(6-1) and Grimsley(5-2) in the Conference….Could make for an interesting game, as Grimsley took the first meeting at Northwest, by the 5-2 score…*****
Western Guilford at WS Parkland 6pm
Forsyth Country Day at Wesleyan Christian Academy 6pm
East Forsyth at RJ Reynolds 6pm(This game has been moved to Friday)……Walkertown will play at East Forsyth today at 7pm…..
Calvary Day School at Caldwell Academy 6:30pm
Burlington Williams at Southeast Guilford 7pm
Southwest Guilford at North Forsyth 7pm
Ragsdale at Page 7pm
Northern Guilford at Morehead 7pm
Dudley at Mount Tabor 7pm
McMichael at Northeast Guilford 7pm
Triad Math and Science at Bethany Community School TBA

Southwest Guilford at North Forsyth 6pm
Burlington Williams at Southeast Guilford 6pm
Dudley at Mount Tabor 6pm
Western Guilford at WS Parkland 6pm…Game had been moved to Wednesday….
Ragsdale at Page 6pm
McMichael at Northeast Guilford 6pm
Bishop McGuinness at High Point Central 6pm
Trinity at High Point Andrews 6pm
Southern Alamance at Southern Guilford 6:30pm
Northern Guilford at Morehead 7pm
*****Both teams at (8-4) in the Conference, should be a good matchup here….*****(Looks like this game may have been moved to Thursday already.)
Grimsley at Northwest Guilford 7pm

Don’t forget to check out Carolina Acceleration and their lead trainer, Carmine Pagano, at….

+++++Northern Guilford at Wheatmore set for Wednesday(6:30pm), but NG still has a game at Morehead to make up from Tuesday….+++++
+++++Northeast at Page set for Wednesday, but Page has Ragsdale, to make up from Tuesday and NEG needs to make up McMichael, from Tuesday.+++++
+++++Eastern Guilford(8-11/5-6) at Western Alamance(19-1/12-0) for Wednesday at 7pm.+++++
+++++Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford 7pm and both teams have conference games to make up from Wednesday.+++++
Wesleyan Christian Academy at Forsyth Country Day 4:30pm….They may need to play this one as a Doubleheader, since they were set to meet on Tuesday.+++++

+++++A look at what was/is Wednesday+++++
+++++Southern Guilford at Trinity 7pm…SG had a game set for Tuesday, so that Southern Alamance game may trump the Trinity game that is set for today.+++++
+++++North Forsyth at Grimsley 6pm…Grimsley is avail., but North was set to host SWG back on Tuesday….NF-Grimsley is a non-conference game..+++++
+++++Eastern Guilford at Orange 6:30pm….This game should be a go….+++++
+++++Northeast Guilford at Bartlett Yancey 6pm….NEG had McMichael lined up back on Tuesday, so not sure which way the schedule will turn here…+++++

$$$$$ Here is an add-in and some of our work from last night$$$$$
Teams that are looking like top contenders here late in the season include….

1)Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-1/3-0)
2)Southeast Guilford(18-2/10-0)…….We have not really included these guys that much in the past, but let’s give them a spot here tonight/today…
Western Alamance(19-1/12-0)
3)Southwest Guilford(17-3/10-0)
4)East Forsyth(16-5/7-1))
5)Northwest Guilford(14-8/6-1)

1)Southwest Guilford(16-2/10-0)
I am looking to broaden our horizons and let’s get these girls on the list:Southern Alamance(16-3/10-0)…
2)Northwest Guilford(13-4/7-0)
3)Northern Guilford(11-5/8-4)
4)High Point Central(8-8/5-3)
5)Southeast Guilford(7-8/4-6))

^^^^^One extra note:^^^^^
Today’s Track meet, Ragsdale at High Point Central, has been cancelled.

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  1. East Forsyth at Reynolds was moved to Friday at 6pm, not today.
    Walkertown will play at East Forsyth today at 7pm.

  2. Another no-hitter for SE. Makes 2 in the last 3 games. Overall, baseball is down… but got some good young talent in the area. Good luck to everyone, and remember… its just a game! Enjoy!

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