Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball and Softball for Today(4/26/18) and they are really going to get these games in TODAY!!!

If you are looking to make contact in baseball or football, give Carmine Pagano a yell at Carolina Acceleration, inside the Greensboro Batting Center on West Gate City Blvd./High Point Road, or CLICK HERE, for a direct link to Carmine Pagano and Carolina Acceleration….

High Point Christian Academy(16-6/1-1) vs. Greensboro Day School(6-9/0-2) 3pm at First National Bank Field, home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers(Doubleheader)
Piedmont Classical School(1-7/1-2) at Clover Garden(6-7/4-3) 3pm
Alamance Christian School(5-3/4-2) at Vandalia Christian(6-4/6-1) 4pm
Southern Guilford(5-14/1-9) at Eastern Guilford(8-11/5-6) 5pm
Northwest Guilford(14-8/6-1) at Grimsley(12-9/5-2) 6pm
Western Guilford(8-10/6-4) at WS Parkland(2-17/0-9) 6pm
Southwestern Randolph(15-6/8-2) at Southeast Guilford(19-2/11-0) 7pm
Ragsdale(9-10/3-4) at Page(11-9/2-5) 7pm
Southwest Guilford(17-3/10-0) at North Forsyth(7-13/5-5) 7pm
Northern Guilford(12-9/7-5) at Morehead(14-6/8-4) 7pm…This might be your best overall matchup of the day….
Calvary Day School(5-12/3-3) at Caldwell Academy(12-3/12-3/4-1) 7pm
Western Alamance(19-1/12-0) at Eastern Alamance(11-6/7-5) 4:30pm
RJ Reynolds(7-11/3-5) at East Forsyth(16-5/7-1) 6pm
River Mill(3-11/1-6) at Reidsville(9-11/9-4) 6pm

Southern Guilford(2-14/1-9) at Eastern Guilford(5-10/4-7) 5pm
Trinity(9-10/2-8) at T. Wingate Andrews(0-16/0-10) 5pm
Southwest Guilford(16-2/10-0) at North Forsyth(7-7/4-6) 6pm
Dudley(2-15/1-10) at Smith(2-11/0-11) 6pm
Ragsdale(9-7/3-4) at Page(4-11/3-4) 6pm
Western Guilford(7-8/6-4) at Bartlett Yancey(15-1/13-0) 6pm
McMichael(1-15/1-11) at Northeast Guilford(2-10/2-10) 6pm
Thomasville(1-16/1-16) at High Point Central(8-8/5-3) 6pm
Glenn(10-9/4-4) at Northwest Guilford(14-4/7-0) 7pm
Northern Guilford(11-5/8-4) at Morehead(12-5/8-4) 7pm….Based on the records, this appears to be what might become, “The Game of the Day/Night”…