Softball Projections for the 2018 NCHSAA Playoffs with Who is in and where they stand

Just like we had from yesterday with the baseball, we have the NCHSAA Softball playoff projections up and ready for you today, with a look at how our 4-A, 3-A, 2-A and 1-A area teams might be doing and where they will be going and who they might be playing….

CLICK HERE for the inside look at this year’s/season’s softball playoffs from J. Mike Blake at the News and Observer, in Raleigh….


  1. Andy, you do an amazing job of covering local school sports. Not sure where most of us would get information on a timely basis…thank you!

    Have not seen much on women’s high school soccer. Are there playoff projections for them as well?

    Again…..grateful for all of the dedication and hard work you show to local area sports, coaches and players

  2. Have not seen any soccer projections, but we will be looking for some….

    Thanks for kudos, good boost for our efforts…….

  3. Soccer projections now posted at the top of this page…From J. Mike Blake at the News and Observer, in Raleigh….

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