High Point Baseball Team looking for a name:2019 High Point Atlantic League Club Commences Name The Team Contest

What’s In A Name?
2019 High Point Atlantic League Club Commences Name The Team Contest

High Point, NC – With the construction of the $36.1M BB&T Point now well under way, the next step for the High Point Baseball Club is to name the team. To ensure the fans are a part of this process, a Name The Team Contest begins immediately and ends at 11:59PM on Thursday, May 31st to participate slide to www.highpointbaseball.com. Fans are encouraged to submit as many individual team names as they would like. Fans who enter online and ultimately suggest the final team name will be eligible to enter a drawing for a number of prizes including 2019 season tickets. Fans who enter online will also be eligible to pre-order a baseball cap and t-shirt at a reduced rate to ensure they are the first to don the brand spanking new merchandise once it is available.

Additional details will be announced in the coming weeks, but on Thursday, June 7th at 6PM at the construction site at the corner or North Elm Street and Gatewood Avenue a free community wide celebration will take place to reveal the Top Nine (9) Names. Nine lucky fans who submitted one of the final nine names will be part of the spectacle as they will be invited on stage and “open the envelope” to reveal their name much like a Hollywood awards show. On Thursday, June 14th, the list will be reduced to the Serious Six (6) Names based upon online fan voting during the previous week. On Thursday, June 21st, the list will be reduced to the Big & Final Three (3) Names based upon online fan voting during the previous week. On Thursday, June 28th, the final name will be announced.

“Just like there are nine names in a baseball starting lineup we will share the nine potential team names on Thursday, June 7th,” promised Ken Lehner, High Point Baseball Club President. “Over several weeks, we will whittle the list down via online fan voting and announce the final name on Thursday, June 28th. Based upon the number of fans who turned out for the BB&T Point ground breaking, we anticipate thousands of fans will participate by the time it is all said and done which will ensure we have a mind-blowing number of choices.”

The state of North Carolina hosts some of the most well know minor league baseball monikers in the world. From the internationally known Durham Bulls to the likes of the Crawdads, Grasshoppers, Mudcats and Wood Ducks, nor least we forget the Dash, Intimidators, Knights or Tourists the state has an enduring history with America’s Pastime.

“We believe the our fans will help pick the best name for their hometown High Point Baseball Club,” Lehner predicted, “one that is creative, indicative, long-lasting and revered which results in a pride of ownership when they gear up to head out to work, school or the ballpark.”

For ongoing updates and more information, please slide to HighPointBaseball.com or visit Facebook at @HighPointBaseball, Instagram at @HighPointProBaseball, and Twitter at @HPproBaseball.

About High Point Baseball, Inc

High Point Baseball will begin their inaugural season in the Atlantic League in 2019 in a brand new approximately $36M downtown ballpark named BB&T Point. Expected to enhance the rich baseball history in North Carolina, High Point Baseball is part of the fastest growing family sport in America. High Point Baseball is committed to providing superior customer service and quality, affordable family entertainment experiences for the Triad of North Carolina. Look for exciting upcoming announcements regarding the name of the team and mascot. In addition, information on tickets and corporate partnerships will also be forthcoming.


  1. Gastonia has the Grizzlies but that is in the CPL/Coastal Plain League….So it still might work in High Point….

    Momentum might stir up some fans and maybe the High Point Lazer Pointers might get some good pub…

    High Point High Pockets???

    High Point Polecats….There used to be a team in Albany, Georgia called the Albany Polecats…

    High Point Pinchers, sort of like Doberman Pinchers..

    High Point Home Plates….The High Point Plates?????

    Here’s one we might be stealing from New York and how about the High Point Pinstripes???

    High Point Pennants???

    Just a few to stir the resources…..

    Last minute shot:
    Maybe the High Point Red Foxes and then they could get all over FOX 8 News and Sports…

  2. High Point Highboys
    High Point Crafters
    High Point Pioneers
    High Point Crusaders

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