“If I Could Turn Back Time”:Looking back at the Top High School Baseball Games from this past season

If I Could Turn Back Time……The “Top High School Baseball Games”, from this past 2018 baseball season would be??

We are going to give you two and leave the comments open for ones you might want to add, but here we go, “Turning Back Time”, with what we feel like were the “Top High School Baseball Games”, from this past season….

I am not going to list one of these games over the other, but to me, these two games were the best I saw this past season and if I had to give an edge one over the other, I would go with the game that went 13 Innings….

Back in late March, If I Could Turn Back Time, at the 2018 Farm Bureau Insurance/Greensboro Grasshoppers Easter Baseball Tournament, we saw a semifinal game that was off the hook…..Wesleyan Christian Academy, who we felt like was the #1 seed, vs. Western Alamance, who appeared to the second best team in the tournament and there they both were, going at in the semifinals of the tourney…

Wesleyan defeated Western Alamance 3-1 with the older Cozart brother from WES getting the victory on the mound and K.J. Wells, from Western Alamance taking the loss for the WA Warriors….The game was tight until WES got a two-run double, at around the 5-Inning mark of the game, and the two-run difference proved to be decisive, and the final outcome was WES over WA, 3-1…This was a true war between the Warriors and the Trojans and in the end, the better team won the game…..And how do we know that??? Because Wesleyan went on to win the NCISAA 3-A Baseball Championship for their third consecutive title….Western Alamance fell right around the third round of the NCHSAA 3-A playoffs….

The WES-Western Alamance game was one of those games, that you won’t forget for a while…It was one of the best-played high school games that I have seen in years and at the conclusion of the Farm Bureau Insurance/Greensboro Grasshoppers Easter Tournament, Wesleyan went on to take down Southeast Guilford in the final, 10-0…

Now for the game that ‘took the cake’ this season on the high school baseball circuit, here locally….

It just had to be that Grimsley-Page contest in Round One of the NCHSAA 4-A Baseball playoffs….Page at Grimsley and Page had already visited Grimsley once on the season and Pirates beat Grimsley, at Grimsley, but Grimsley had traveled over to Page earlier in the season and the Whirlies defeated Page, on the Pirates home turf and now Grimsley was home with a chance to knock off Page twice in the same season, and that had not happened in many years….

On the mound for Grimsley was C.J. Neese and on the mound for Page was Jake Knapp….

With those two matching each other pitch-for-pitch, this game started moving and it was not going to stop/end in 7 innings….

Neither team could find an answer for the opposing pitchers…..Neese and Knapp would not be caught napping and nobody could get an edge in what has become one of the top games in the history of the Page-Grimsley rivalries…..

The game would go to the 7th inning and the score was 0-0, and the game kept going to the 8th, the 9th, the 10th, the 11th, the 12th, and finally it came to an end in the bottom of the 13th inning, when Nile Harris scored the winning run for the Whirlies….

Thirteen innings and Grimsley wins it 1-0….

I do not think anyone in attendance at the Page-Grimsley baseball game, will forget that one for a long, long, time….

Wesleyan 3, Western Alamance 1 and Grimsley 1, Page 0 in 13 Innings, and there you have your top games from 2018, in the Guilford County area……..