Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) vs. Caleb Webster(Randleman HS) when WCU topped UNCG 8-4 on Saturday in SoCon Baseball Tourney/ACC Today

**********ACC Baseball Championship Final:Florida State 11, Louisville 8….(10 Innings)**********

Western Carolina University eliminated UNCG, by the 8-4 score, on Saturday afternoon at the Southern Conference Baseball Tournament, at Greenville, South Carolina and later on, on Saturday afternoon, WCU was knocked out of the SoCon Baseball Tourney by Mercer, by a score of 10-2….

But let’s take a look back at the local aspect, with locals Caleb Webster(Eastern Guilford High School) and Caleb Webster(Randleman High School) going at it head-to-head, with Robinson representing Western Carolina and Webster representing UNCG….

Both Calebs, Robinson and Webster, were youth baseball teammates back in the day with the Randleman Junior Legion team and they also were on the same teams for a while, at Shining Light Christian Academy….

The two Calebs, Webster and Robinson, know each other well, so it was no surprise how they stepped up their games back on Saturday, when the game was on the line, in this SoCon Tourney double-elimination format….

WCU(10-46) loses and season done, UNCG(39-14) going in, and if the Spartans lose, their season would be over…

Western Carolina claimed the 8-4 victory on Saturday, and WCU already owned one victory over the Spartans in the tourney, with the Catamounts taking down UNCG, 10-2, back on Wednesday…

But on Saturday, the two local Calebs really ratcheted up their games a notch or two….

For Caleb Robinson, from the winning Western Carolina club, he went 2-4 at the plate with a HR(9) and two runs driven in/2 RBI….

UNCG’s Caleb/Caleb Webster, goes 3-5 with a HR(3) and 2 RBI….

Very impressive efforts from our two local Calebs and combined they ended going 5-9, with 2 HR’s and 4 RBI’s at the plate on Saturday in Greenville, S.C., and not too shabby from the local lads…..

And BTW/by the way, Caleb Robinson’s younger brother Luke Robinson was 2-3, with one run scored for Western Carolina, in Saturday’s game vs. UNCG…

You’ve got to like what you see, from the local kids from WCU and UNCG…..

*****With a little more local flavor you had Cesar Trejo(Ragsdale HS) 1-3/Run, Ryan Clinch(Wesleyan Christian Academy) 1-3/BB and Trip Shelton(West Forsyth HS) 1-1/Run for UNCG on Saturday, vs. Western Carolina…..*****

ACC Baseball Championship Today:
#6 Florida State vs. #5 Louisville 12 Noon at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park/DBAP