Randy Norris(Dudley HS/WSSU Rams) has high hopes for next week’s MLB Draft and hopes to hit/go as high as Round Four

from John Dell with the Winston-Salem Journal at www.journalnow.com:

Randy Norris(Dudley High School/Winston-Salem State Rams) makes sure his cell phone is charged at all times.

Norris, an outfielder at Winston-Salem State, has been hounded by scouts from several major league teams as the draft approaches. He doesn’t want to miss any calls because what’s at stake is his hopeful future as a pro baseball player.

“It’s funny, but the other day the Padres scout was talking to me and the Rockies scout was also calling at the same time,” said Norris, who just completed his junior season for the Rams. “It’s been kind of crazy.”

It should get more crazy next week when the MLB Draft begins on Monday. The three-day, 40-round draft will be a chance for Norris, who is from High Point, to see which major league organization will take a chance on him.

Coach Kevin Ritsche of the Rams said earlier this season that several scouts have told him that Norris could go as high as the fourth round.

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**********Don’t forget the Major League Baseball Draft begins next week and Randy Norris(Dudley HS/High Point Andrews HS/WSSU) is hoping to go high in this year’s draft….**********

+++++Randy Norris Jr. says he knows it will be a big jump going from college to pros, where in the pros, he will be facing grown men every day, but he says he is ready for the challenge/he is ready for anything….+++++