NCAA Baseball Regionals for Today with N.C. A&T at UNC with First Pitch due for 2pm(UNC tops N.C. A&T, 11-0)/Lots of Finals and Saturday sets

*****NCAA Baseball Regionals for Today:*****
North Carolina 11, N.C. A&T 0
Troy 6, Duke 0
Campbell vs. Georgia, postponed

Houston 9, Purdue 1
East Carolina 16, UNC Wilmington 7
South Carolina 8, Ohio State 3

Army 5, NC State 1
Auburn 13, Northeastern 4

Saturday, June 2
North Carolina A&T vs. Purdue, 1pm
North Carolina vs. Houston 6pm
Ohio State vs. UNC Wilmington Noon
South Carolina vs. East Carolina 5pm
Northeastern vs. NC State 2pm
Auburn vs. Army 7pm
**********Last check-in, North Carolina leading N.C. A&T, 7-0 Heels over the Aggies, in the bottom of the 6th Inning at UNC…**********

N.C A&T(32-23) at UNC/North Carolina(38-18) 2pm…Listen LIVE at….Also you should be able to catch the game LIVE on 1150AM WBAG radio with UNC’s Dave Nathan live on the call….

Army West Point(36-22) at N.C. State(40-16) 7pm

UNC-Wilmington(37-21) at East Carolina(43-16) 7pm

Duke(40-15) vs. Troy(41-19) 2pm at Athens, Georgia
Duke was trailing Troy, 4-0, in the 5th Innings…

Campbell(35-24) vs. Georgia(37-19) 7:30 at Athens, Georgia