NCHSAA Baseball Today with local Ledford Panthers going for the 2-A Title at Five County Stadium in Zebulon:Ledford falls 8-3 vs. Whiteville in Saturday’s Game One(Series tied at 1-1)/Whiteville wins Game Three, 6-4:Whiteville Wolfpack are State Champs

Final Game/Baseball final:Whiteville 6, Ledford 4…Whiteville wins NCHSAA State Championship # 9…..
*****Whiteville 8, Ledford 3 Series tied 1-1. Game 3 at 5 p.m. from Mike Duprez and Michael Lindsay on Twitter….*****
Game Highlights from Brian Hall/WFMY NEWS 2 Sports on Twitter, CLICK HERE.

*****Whiteville 8, Ledford 3 after 6…Mike Duprez/Brian Hall on Twitter….*****
Wilmington New Hanover has defeated Crest, to take the NCHSAA 3-A Baseball Title, in Burlington…
*****Ledford Update:Whiteville 5, Ledford 3 after 5….from Mike Duprez and Michael Lindsay on Twitter*****
*****Update on Ledford-Whiteville from Michael Lindsay with the High Point Enterprise:Whiteville 5, Ledford baseball 2 – mid fifth
*****Ledford Baseball Update:Whiteville 4, Ledford 2 top of the 5th*****
*****Update on the Ledford Panthers, from Mike Duprez/Brian Hall on Twitter:Whiteville 3, Ledford 2 after 4*****
*****This is not easy, here is the Saturday morning update:Whiteville 3, Ledford 0 middle of the 3rd.*****

Game time 11am for the Ledford Panthers(29-3) vs. the Whiteville Wolfpack(27-2) and if Ledford can take care of business and claim that 11am game, the Panthers will become NCHSAA 2-A Champions, by virtue of their 10-0 win over Whiteville, back on Friday, at Zebulon, N.C….

Here are the highlights from Ledford’s victory on Friday, by way of Brian Hall and WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, coming in from Twitter…

CLICK HERE for those Ledford-Whiteville baseball highlights….