Chuck Kaiton out as Carolina Hurricanes hockey play-by-play radio announcer:He called the Canes on the radio when they played in Greensboro

He was the only radio voice the Carolina Hurricanes and the Hartford Whalers ever had, through three team owners, and stops in Hartford, Connecticut, Greensboro, North Carolina and Raleigh, North Carolina and now he is gone/out, as the Carolina Hurricanes play-by-play hockey radio announcer….Chuck Kaiton, and that is Kaiton with a “K” and he hosted Kaiton’s Corner back in the day, as he was a one-man Hurricanes broadcast team….He called the home team, the Carolina Hurricanes, when they called the Greensboro Coliseum their home ice back in 1997, and the Canes’ games were broadcast locally back then on 1320 AM, ‘The Ticket’…

Now, as of today, and his contract with the Canes actually ran out back on June 30, as of now, Chuck Kaiton is no longer waitin’, with the new Canes owner looking on, there is no debatin’ and we must be statin’, Kaiton was a great one, but mark DOWN this date son, Kaiton with a “K”, is done/gone and out the door and no more with the Carolina Hurricanes….

You have to BE straightn’ Kaiton was a greatn’, but there is no anticipatin’, he is Out/Gone….

The Carolina Hurricanes will go with a simulcast of their TV call on the radio and Chuck Kaiton has been shown the exit sign in Raleigh, at the back door….What is in store after no more/no mas in Raleigh….Kaiton is leaving his platin’ open and he hopes to land the job with the new Seattle franchise in the NHL….

A great voice, full of enthusiasm and very open and enduring to the hockey fans across the Carolinas and into Virginia….Chuck Kaiton has crossed the border and there is no special order for sports radio play-by-play men or women these days, they may be a dying breed…

So long Chuck “K” and good luck to you along the way and we wish you could stay, but on this day, there will not be any other way, here is what Luke DeCock, from the News and Observer in Raleigh, had to say, about Chuck Kaiton and his radio play-by-play….

from Luke DeCock at the News and Observer in Raleigh, N.C.:

After 39 years, Chuck Kaiton was officially out Tuesday as the Carolina Hurricanes’ radio play-by-play announcer after the Hall of Fame broadcaster was unable to agree on a new contract with the team. The Hurricanes plan to use a simulcast of the Fox Sports Carolinas television broadcast on their radio network this season instead.

To read more on the legacy of Chuck Kaiton from Luke DeCock, at the News and Observer, CLICK HERE.

+++++And if any of you women out there are interested in datin’ Kaiton, he is 66 years old, but I think he is married….+++++