Looking ahead to the 2018 Guilford County High School Season with the “Five Top Fives at Five”, Joe Sirera/Spencer Turkin(News and Record) HSXtra Preseason All-Area Team now available

*****CLICK HERE for the News and Record HSXtra Preseason All-Area Football Team from Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin, at the N&R….*****

High School Football season kicks off practice next week and now is a great time to a peek into the upcoming 2018 season, for our Guilford County teams, and what better way to look ahead than give you some of the Top Five players, teams and games for this season…

2018-07-27 Ochocinco

We called in HSXTRA Preps man Joe Sirera from the News and Record, and got his insight into some of the key categories and they are, the Top Five Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Defensive Players, the Top Five Teams and the Top Five Games, all coming our way for our Guilford County Schools, in 2018…

We got all of this rolling in the Five O’Clock hour so we will call this our Top Five at Five today and we made the call to Joe Sirera earlier today and appreciate his work in getting this over to us so quickly, on this Thursday afternoon….

Here we go with the Thursday afternoon show/post and let us know what you think……


Javondre Paige, Page
Ryan Douglas, Southeast Guilford
Jakob Lenard/Tyler Flippen (whoever gets more snaps), Northern Guilford
Devan Boykin, Ragsdale
John Saunders Jr., High Point Christian

Running backs
Monterious Godfrey, High Point Central
Sincere Davis, Page
Hezekia Newby, Eastern Guilford
Tyree Graham, Southwest Guilford
Whoever wins the feature back job at Dudley

Defensive players (this is by far the toughest because Guilford County is loaded this year)
LB Alex Angus, Page
LBs Jurriente Davis/Landen Johnson (two-headed monster), Dudley
John Oxce, Southwest Guilford
Payton Page, Dudley
Nic Cheeley, Eastern Guilford

Eastern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Southwest Guilford or High Point Christian

Dudley at Page, Aug. 31
Southeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford, Oct. 12
Southwest Guilford at Dudley, Sept. 28
Eastern Guilford at Page, Sept. 7
Southeast Guilford at Dudley, Sept. 14
If you include games that feature only one Guilford County school, East Forsyth at Page (Sept. 28) should be a great matchup.

Again, thanks to Joe Sirera, from the News and Record….
P.S./ASAP/UPS/USPS, let us know what you think…..


  1. This football season will be riveting .We saw a lot of great games last year that ended unexpectedly. I expect Page to bring it as they always do. I’m hoping Dudley will be healthy this year . Last year was a challenge. The Dudley defense is always solid. Not sure about their offense this year. Those two LB’s Johnson and Davis are nothing to play with. Southeast and Southwest will be great contenders also . They are strong defensively . That Oxce kid will give teams a problem too .Let the games begin .I’m ready for some football .

  2. Hearing Quad Monroe is also in the running for the starting QB spot at Dudley….A good competitive battle leading up to August practice between Monroe and Alston Hooker…Hooker has grown much taller since last season and Monroe can give you the edge of a senior…

    As far as receivers go, you have to least go or look at Ford Moser and Cody King at Page, Michael Wyman and Young at Dudley and Cam Cloud at Northwest….


  3. Watch for Landen Johnson LB@Dudley. Brains and Braun of the operation and has a chip on his shoulder this year. Being overlooked by many programs.

  4. Some are sleeping on Stephen Scott….LB at Page. Trust me he is an impact player along with the others mentioned here.

  5. Lots of good ballers known and unknown that will make statements this year. I wish them all the best.

  6. At WR maybe WE should add in Nic Cheeley and Adam Akins from Eastern Guilford HS, but the question at Eastern Guilford is going to be, who will replace Dominique Graves at QB this year/season for the Wildcats???

    Looks like the High Point Christian Academy Cougars picked up John Saunders Jr. as their new QB, with him coming over from High Point Central HS….

    Landen Johnson, from Dudley HS, is a young man that takes care of business on the field and and in the classroom and he should get the recognition this season, in both areas….

  7. Offensive Line seems to be a huge problem over at HPCA, Interested to see how that goes . Considering Scott Bell reeled in a amazing recruiting class just to name a couple John Saunders Jr.(QB) RJ Evans(DE) JaQuan Jones (RB) Tyler Hoff (WR/RB) etc…

  8. There is so much talent in Guilford County it’s crazy!! I wish there were fewer high schools so some of the talent could attend the same schools. It’s a shame that the list stopped at 5. Not to negate any of the players that are on the list but Southern Guilford has a player – Roman Johnson, that’s an impact defensive player, who I think has committed to Elon. Eastern has a kid named Justin Spruill who is as disruptive as they come on defense. Southeast has Tre Caldwell (App State) and Chad Stevens (ECU) that are both FBS commits. Northeast is supposed to have a player up there to who can go. Ragsdale has Tre Goode that’s a FBS commit (UNCC). I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten. But these guys deserve recognition too.

  9. Will be interested to see what the new EG QB does this season….He has a good core nucleus around him and if led the EG JV last year, he should be ready to make the next step up…

  10. Good call that Ain’t all..We have heard of most of the guys you mentioned but not all of them…

    We saw this week where Roman Johnson committed to Elon and Tre Goode at Ragsdale(Charlotte) really is a good one, plus the Caldwell kid at SEG is one of the best around and I think he can play some WR along with DB..Saw a bit of Spruill last year and he can go..

    Plenty more to go with those guys and keep the names a coming…Good to get some names with the numbers, as the new season gets closer….

    Smith High School has a solid QB returning in Jordan Williams and Southeast Guilford should be led on defense by Chad Stephens(ECU), who also will run the ball on offense for the Falcons…

    Keep some more names a coming….What about Cam Gavin, I think now a senior, on the defensive line for Page and how about some of the kids from Grimsley???

    I heard this week about an O lineman over at Grimsley by the last name of Thornhill who stands at 6’6 and weighs around 300 pounds…If he can move, he ought to be able to move those in front of him, because he has a secret, he knows the snap count on the O-line…
    (Wonder if the kids from Kiser, the big kid Travis Shaw and the tall receiver from Kiser will be involved with the Grimsley varsity?) Grimsley got the Kiser principal, Ged O’Donnell…..

    More, more, more….

  11. Javondre paige from page high school and Devin flowers from southwest Guilford are by far the top 2 quarterbacks in Guilford county watch both of them play multiple games last season javondre deserves the 1 spot flowers a close second Boykin from Ragsdale 3rd…..

  12. Best running back in the city and in the whole triad area is Quan Nora from Grimsley. He had almost 1000 yards rushing in about 6 games. Also Cam Wall, Justice Goins and Rob Dalton are impact players. But Quan is very special. Think Reggie Gallaspy 2.0

  13. ? Top Five QB’s

    Durham & Sierra you should be ashamed for posting that.

    Keep dismissing 27265. But, we know why.


  14. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. A Top five list doesn’t mean that other players aren’t good .I don’t think anyone can argue with any of the names on the list.Sure there are others that could have made the list ,but we would need a Top 10 list .The bottom line is that we have lots of talent in Guilford County .A list is just that ,a list . Love the passion around this topic though. Shout out to all the talented football players and coaches. This will be another great season .

  15. Just a list to give everyone a chance to start talking high school football again…

    Everyone has an opinion, if you don’t like the list, you may not enjoy football at all this season…

    Have some fun and get excited and if you don’t like the list you can make it your laundry list tomorrow…

    Let the fans have their say it what I say and I thank Joe for getting us started with his list…

    I have been involved with football around here since back in 1969 and like to hear what the fans have to say and like to get the fans talking and give them a chance to voice their opinion…

    I do appreciate the amount of comments on this topic and it got right at 600 hits today and that just shows that football fans are ready for some football…

    We have some great football in Guilford County and by opening it up and letting the fans talk about it, we hear what they are saying and we all get a chance to learn more about what all is going on..

    Often fans complain about the ones that got left out…Step up and show us something and we can add you to list and start talking about you…

    The work you put in will get results somewhere along the line….

    I’m liking this post/list, because a day or so back nobody was talking football and now fans are talking about it and some are up at arms….

    It must be Friday Football Time again….

  16. Thank you Andy and Joe for all that you do for football in Guilford County. I enjoy reading all the posts .Some I agree with and some I don’t but I think you always call it like you see it. Can’t ever be mad at that .Let’s get ready to rumble !

  17. WR Justin Matthews is expected to have Big year. Also on EG defense Justin Spruill. EG will be ok!!!

  18. That Justin Matthews from Eastern Guilford is another kid to keep an eye on…He got big game experience for Eastern last season and he has been part of a Winner in football and basketball….EG with Matthews, Cheeley and others just needs to find the man to get that ball in the Wildcats hands and when that happens, they should be ready to click..

  19. Michael Wyman, WR from Dudley High School, has received an offer from Florida State….

    from Wyman Today on Twitter:
    Extremely Blessed to receive an offer from Florida State University! Go Seminoles!!

  20. Northeast linebacker David Olla is a stud, fast and agile and a hard hitter, should be mentioned right with Dudley’s two studs. Dudley’s O lineman Jalen Williams and DLineman Peyton Page are quality big men with bright futures. Sleeper defender of the year is Rodney Blake of Northeast, kid came in last year after Northeast D End Brevin Allen was lost for the season and was a huge contributor on a very stingy defensive unit for the Rams. He should really blossom this season.

  21. Stephen Scott is one of the best linebackers in the state I don’t know what you guys are doing or how you evaluate these things but you guys made a big mistake on this kid just watch

  22. ?Real talk on Stephen. We are blessed with many great players in GC but this one should be on the radar.

  23. Thanks for bringing Stephen Scott’s name into the conversation…Page has a tough defender named Alex Angus that can lay the lumber and they also have Cam Gavin that “brings it” on every play…

    Now we can add Scott to the ‘Watch List’ and keep an eye on him too….

    This is where the groundwork is being laid, here in early in the season…..

  24. You can say what you want about all these players or any player for that matter, but the fact is we will all find out who is who starting Aug. 17th when they put the pads on and go at it.

    All these players are good and when you play in the 336, top to bottom the best football in the state you have many good players who deserve to be on a list.

    Looking forward to this season and glad that it is finally back.

  25. From what I heard the Shaw kid is at Grimsley and was told the tall receiver is at GDS playing Bball. Justin Matthews will have his best season this year him and Cheely. EG has a couple more young receivers also who will help out. HPC has a new QB who is really athletic and will be a sophomore to go along with the returning running back. I believe HPC is on year away from making a big run.

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