Local Greensboro-Area Baseball for Today/Friday:The Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament(Stoner-White Stadium) and American Legion State Tournament(Finch Field/UNCG) continue today

*****Local Greensboro-Area Baseball for Friday/Today with Results from Thursday’s games…*****

Greensboro Colt Baseball/2018 East Zone Tournament:
**********The 2018 Colt Baseball 16U East Zone Tournament continues TODAY in Stoner-White Stadium, at Jaycee Park, in Greensboro**********

*****Thursday Finals:*****
Brooklyn, New York 14, Greensboro White 3…5 Innings
Greensboro Green 10, Kempsville, Va. 1
WP:Mark Scott(Ragsdale HS)…Noah Lea(Dudley HS) 3-4 with a Double to the wall and Isaiah Hairston(Southwest Guilford HS) with several hits….Coaches for the Green Team are Larry Farrer(Dudley HS), Brett Garrett(Grimsley HS) and Pella Stokes(Dudley HS)
Youngstown, Ohio 10, Brooklyn, N.Y. 7
Kempsville/Virginia Beach 12, Greensboro White 5
+++Greensboro White has been eliminated.+++
(Double Elimination Tournament)

**********Round Three on Friday/Today at 3pm and the Championship will be on Saturday, at 12 Noon….**********
Friday/Today’s Games:
***Brooklyn, N.Y. vs. Kempsville 3pm…Loser Eliminated***
Final:Brooklyn 13, Kempsville 5
Kempsville Eliminated…

***Youngstown vs. Greensboro Green 5pm…Winner goes on the Championship Game and Loser must play at 7pm in the Elimination Round…***
+++++CJ Johnson(Triad Math and Science Academy) should get the start for Greensboro Green on the mound today/Friday…Throws in the upper 80’s…
Final:Greensboro Green 8, Youngstown, Ohio 4
**********Greensboro Green in the Championship Game on Saturday at Noon….**********
++++++++++Greensboro Green vs. Youngstown, Ohio at Noon on Saturday….If Youngstown wins, a Game Two will be necessary and it will be played at 2pm, will all games going on at Stoner-White Stadium….Winner will represent the Colt USA East Zone, in the Colt World Series next week, in Lafayette, Indiana…++++++++++

***Brooklyn, N.Y. vs. Kempsville Winner vs. Youngstown vs. Greensboro Green Loser 7pm….Loser of this game Eliminated and Winner goes on the Championship Series on Saturday…***
Final:Youngstown 11, Brooklyn 5
Brooklyn Eliminated

CLICK HERE for the Updated Brackets and Games for this year’s Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament…..

Tournament Location
Stoner-White Stadium, Jaycee Park, 3110 Forest Lawn Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455
Champion advances to World Series in Marion, IL

**********2018 Greensboro Colt All-Star Team**********

Green Team:
Derek Marinez
Isaiah Rhem
Isaiah Hariston
Justin Brady
Gus Hughes
CJ Johnson
Mark Scott
Devin Tonkins
Cody Darnell
Ethan Penny
Alden Kolessar
Bryson Hamlet
Luke Jenkins
Eli Willen
Paddy McGonigal
Chad Carpenter
Noah Lea
Jackson Dempsey
(Coaches:Larry Farrer, Brett Garrett and Pella Stokes)

South Atlantic League:
Tonight:Hickory Crawdads(50-51) at Greensboro Grasshoppers(49-53) 7pm
Final:Greensboro Grasshoppers 3, Hickory Crawdads 0
Thursday:Greensboro Grasshoppers 6, Lakewood BlueClaws 2
Games can be heard at www.gsohoppers.com

Coastal Plain League:
Tonight:High Point-Thomasville HiToms(27-14) at Martinsville Mustangs…Doubleheader at 6:15pm and 8:15pm 7:05pm
Thursday:Forest City Owls 10, High Point-Thomasville HiToms 9
Games can be heard at www.hitoms.com with John Thomas…

CVCL/Carolinas-Virginia Collegiate League:
Tonight:Deep River MudDogs at Kernersville Bulldogs(34-10) 7pm at Kernersville Glenn High School
Thursday:North Wake Fungo 7, Kernersville Bulldogs 6

American Legion:
**********North Carolina American Legion State Tournament Schedule**********
Thursday July 26th
Finch Field* – Stars Pool
Final:Post 87 HiToms 5, Shelby 0

Today/Friday July 27th
Finch Field(Thomasville)- Stripes Pool
4 pm – Whiteville Post 139 vs. Area 4 Runner-Up TBD
7 pm – Pitt County Post 39 vs. Rowan County

UNCG Baseball Stadium – Stars Pool
(1509 Walker Ave, Greensboro, NC 27412)
4 pm – Post 87 HiToms vs. Garner Nationals
Final:Garner Nationals 7, HiToms 5
7 pm – Wilmington Post 10 vs. Area 4 Champion TBD

Saturday July 28th
Finch Field – Stars Pool
4 pm – Area 4 Champion TBD vs. Garner Nationals
7 pm – Post 87 HiToms vs. Wilmington Post 10

UNCG Baseball Stadium- Stripes Pool
4 pm – Whiteville Post 139 vs. Rowan County
7 pm – Area 4 Runner-Up TBD vs. Pitt County Post 39

Sunday July 29th
Finch Field
4 pm – Stripes #1 vs. Stars #2
7 pm – Stars #1 vs. Stripes #2

**********Monday July 30th**********
Finch Field
4 pm – Semi-Final Qualifiers

Post 87 High Point HiToms Roster:

1	Mark McLamb	 	 	 	 	- / Wesleyan Christian
3	Avery Cain	 	 	 	 	- / Ledford
4	Jacob Edwards	 	 	 	 	- / Southwest Guilford
5	Tyrese Hearst	 	 	 	 	- / Westchester Country Day
6	Colin Smith	 	 	 	 	- / High Point Central
7	Cameron Mills	 	 	 	 	- / Ledford
8	Lucas Compton	 	 	 	 	- / Westchester Country Day
9	Jarrett Crump	 	 	 	 	- / High Point Christian
10	Alec Hunter	 	 	 	 	- / Westchester Country Day
11	Colin Best	 	 	 	 	- / High Point Christian
13	Koty Proctor	 	 	 	 	- / Wesleyan Christian
14	Landon Smith	 	 	 	 	- / Wheatmore
15	Dalton Ward	 	 	 	 	- / Westchester Country Day
17	Nick Caldwell	 	 	 	 	- / Wesleyan Christian
19	Dylan Schultheiss	 	 	 	 - / High Point Christian
20	Jackson Leck	 	 	 	 	- / High Point Christian
21	Jake Stroud	 	 	 	 	- / Ledford
22	Connor Smith	 	 	 	 	- / High Point Christian

Appalachian League:
Tonight:Kingsport(17-17) at Burlington Royals(10-25) 7pm
Thursday:Burlington Royals 5, Elizabethton 0

Carolina League:
Tonight:Winston-Salem Dash(62-42) at Salem(48-54) 7:05pm
Thursday:Frederick Keys 6, Winston-Salem Dash 1