First Day of High School Football Practice in Guilford County:A wet start to the new practice season

*****They/the teams have been practicing nearly all Summer long and today, the late Summer practice season officially kicks off and this the lead-up to the new Fall Football Season for our Guilford County schools…Lot’s of energy and anticipation built up today, and why not, everybody is (0-0) going in and now it is time to get the work in, and figure out how we get that first win of the new season, that starts on Friday August 17….

The real groundwork was laid in the weight room and on the 7 on 7 practice fields during the early Summer months in the heat and humidity and now you have to fine-tune your well-oiled machines, and make sure you are ready to run, come that first Friday Night Football Game….*****

Here is when the GCS Schools planned to begin their workout/practice sessions today, courtesy of background info from Mr. Sirera over at the News and Record…..

Western Guilford:12:01am
Eastern Guilford:7:30am
Northern Guilford:8am
Southwest Guilford:8am
Southern Guilford:8:30am
Northeast Guilford:6pm
Northwest Guilford: 6pm
Southeast Guilford:5pm
High Point Central:6pm
High Point Andrews:6pm

+++++If you had success last year/season you believe in the process, if you did not have success last season/year, then you need to adjust the process….+++++