15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Early Friday afternoon we visited with Southeast Guilford High School)

15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Friday afternoon we visited with Southeast Guilford High School)

We are trying to get around to all of the Guilford County Schools over the next 15 days and we made the stop this afternoon at Southeast Guilford, “Home of the Falcons”, and we have 5 Key Questions for the Falcons’ head coach Kennedy Tinsley….

1)Who is your Top Quarterback?
Ryan Douglas

2)Top Running back?
Braxton King

3)Top Receiver?
Tre Caldwell

4)Top Defensive Player?
Tre Caldwell, Chad Stevens, and Johnny King…
***Top Offensive Linemen:Johnny King, Bret Shreve and Quantez Mansfield….***

5)What we must do and will do different from last year?
Win BIG Games….That is what we have to start doing is winning big games… We must get consistent and not just start out winning and they let up off of the gas pedal….We have to push it the floor and keep driving on a “Full Tank” of gas and we have to keep that up for the duration of the season….Keep it to the floor and keep going for more and adding more wins….Got to win those “Big Games” to become a Championship Team…Conference, Regionals, State Championships, we have to get to that level and then WIN the BIG games….As Coach Tinsley was saying, we have to WIN for long stretches of the season…”We had a strong off-season and now that must translate to Big Wins”…Can’t have or go with, “Win a few, Lose a few”…..That won’t work….”We have to WIN the BIG GAMES“…..

*****Click Below for the Falcons’ practice in progress, as they are going at it in the Southeast Guilford High School Gym on Friday afternoon, due to the rain and wet fields outside on the Falcons’ campus, and on the football fields…*****

+++++Click On Below to see the Videos….+++++
Check out the videos, they are all about teach and learn, teach and learn, teach and learn…A good day for a Walk-through and let’s make sure you got it….See in the video below…And on to the SEG Falcons’ gym we go…


  1. Looks like the jockeys have been chosen, now let’s see if they can get it done this season.

  2. Tinsley is spot on: we have to win the big games.


  3. Coach Tinsley is right, they do need to win the big games. That being said, the State Championship should be the focus. If they focus on that, the other things will come (Conference and Regional Champs). In the immortal words of J-Rock “win….win, win, win, win forget everything else win, win, win, win”………….

  4. Coach Tinsley is the right man for Falcon Football. He is a great mentor for our young athletes. They will be better citizens for having played for him. Only a winner can teach winning.
    Charlie Pannell

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