15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Monday afternoon we visited Western Guilford High School)

15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(This afternoon we visited Western Guilford High School)

We are trying to get around to all of the Guilford County Schools over the next 15 days and we made the stop this afternoon at Western Guilford, and we have 5 Key Questions for the Hornets’ head coach Brian Terwilliger….

Upcoming This Week:
*****Western Guilford HS at Rockingham County, where they will go up against the Thomasville Bulldogs in a Scrimmage on Wednesday and then the WG Hornets will be at Grimsley HS on Friday, for the D.J. Reader Football Jamboree, with Western facing Ledford and Northern Guilford, on Friday….*****

Questions for the Coach(Brian Terwilliger)……….

1)Who is your Top Quarterback?
Robbie Boyd has a bit of an edge, but he and Reggie Sloan have been running/throwing neck-and-neck….

2)Top Running back?
Dante Bovian, Amaah Achina and Hezechiah Curtis….

3)Top Receiver?
Javon McCain, Jalen Williams, Dree Dunn and #1 WR Niles Wright….WG very deep at the wideout spot…One of the deepest parts of the team….

4)Top Defensive Player?
Chris Hicks(DL), Hezechiah Curtis(MLB), Trimon Holland(LB) and Deaundrae Foxx(DB)….

***Top Offensive Linemen:Chris Hicks, Pat Sullivan, Steven Marra and Daryl Greene….WG returns 4-out-of-5 of their starting O-Linemen from last season and Chris Hicks, at 6’7/300 pounds, becomes a BIG line leader……WG deep on the offensive line….*****

5)What we must do and will do different from last year?
Got to be “Competitive in Practice”….The kids need to compete and fight for these jobs/starting positions….Got to compete to earn the spots and can’t wait until game time to compete, it must begin in practice and then we must take our Game Competition to a whole new level, in order to beat the good teams….Again, we must begin to compete when we cross the Black Line up by the gym, as the players head out to practice each day….When they leave the dressing room and cross that Black Line, they must be ready to compete, until they cross that Black Line again, at the end of the day…Everything is built on the foundation of good, hard competition….If you can raise your level of competition in practice, then you will be ready to compete at the highest level on Friday nights, and that is where you have to be……Got to be ready to Compete at all times….
+++++Another thing Coach Brian Terwilliger is working on is getting the numbers up….Needs more players and is really trying to build up his JV program numbers….Coach Curtis, Coach Gordon, Coach Ben Holder and all of the Hornet coaches are learning to build together….+++++

*****Click Below for the Hornets’ practice in progress, as they are going at it on the Western Guilford High School football practice field, on a Monday afternoon….*****

+++++Click On Below to see the Western Guilford Football small group Videos…Working blocking, receiving, drop-back defense, proper line-up and position on the field and just take your pick and we have that too, working to pull off “The Pick”…..Check them all out below, it will be worth you time…+++++