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COMING TO A HEAD: Inside high school football helmet safety for Guilford and Rockingham county programs

By Joe Sirera and Spencer D. Turkin spencer.turkin@greensboro.comCOMING TO A HEAD: Inside high school football helmet

GREENSBORO — The helmet: the last piece of equipment a football player puts on his body before entering a game and, yet, by far the most important. And at a time when sports-related concussion concerns have been heightened by links to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, most high school programs in the region are outfitting their players in quality helmets.

The News & Record has obtained the helmet inventory of the 19 football-playing public high schools in Guilford and Rockingham counties. (Click on the school links under “WHAT ARE THEY WEARING?”)

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All area teams will hit the field Aug. 17 with helmets that meet the minimum testing requirements set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, the standard that Guilford County Schools follows. That organization’s standards are meant to ensure a helmet prevents catastrophic injuries, and the N.C. High School Athletic Association and national federation require that all helmets carry its certification.

But Virginia Tech researchers’ nationally recognized STAR rating system goes further, measuring a helmet’s ability to reduce the likelihood of a concussion. Most area football teams also scored well by this measure, with 1,530 of the 1,768 helmets in schools’ inventories rated as 4-star or 5-star, with 5-star being the best.

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