High School Football Jamborees going on TODAY Friday August 10:at Grimsley, at Dudley, at Reidsville, at BB&T Field and at Glenn HS

$$$$$$$$$$ If you look over this list of the Friday area High School Football Jamborees, you will see 14 of our 15 Guilford County Schools in action….$$$$$$$$$$

Inaugural D.J. Reader Football Jamboree hosted by Grimsley High School is TODAY August 10….
Northwest Guilford
Northern Guilford
Southern Guilford
Western Guilford
North Davidson
Location:Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley High School campus
Cost for Admission:$10.00 with Kids (10 and Under) Free….
*****All Proceeds will benefit the participating schools….*****
+++++Promotional Considerations from the D.J. Reader 98 Foundation+++++

Dudley High School Football Scrimmage begins at 5pm TODAY at the JA Tarpley Stadium on the Dudley HS campus…
Admission $10.00 and No Passes accepted…
High Point Central
West Charlotte
Charlotte Vance
Rocky River

Farm Bureau Insurance of Rockingham County/Reidsville Jamboree….
Where: Reidsville HS
Eastern Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Rockingham County
Western Alamance

The Kickoff Classic
at Wake Forest University’s BB&T Field
*****Today/Friday from 4:30-9:30 pm*****
East Forsyth
West Forsyth
WS Reagan
Kannapolis Brown
Oak Grove
Surry Central
Mount Airy
Admission: $10, free parking at BB&T Field

Glenn High School Jamboree
at Glenn HS
North Mecklenburg
Southwest Guilford


  1. Anybody got any news on how the Jamborees came out tonight…..

    I think it was WFMY TV 2 Sports, I saw Southeast Guilford was beating Rockingham County up at Reidsville, Ragsdale was defeating Northern Guilford at Grimsley High School and East Forsyth was topping Richmond County, 7-0 over at Wake Forest BB&T Field…

    The East Forsyth defense was shutting the Richmond County offense down and some are saying the East Forsyth defense might be one of the best around this season….Richmond County is a very big school and they are thought of as being one of the best overall programs in the state…

    How did things go at the Dudley Jamboree???

    Did Ragsdale come out on top at the Grimsley Jamboree????

    Anybody better that Southeast Guilford up at Reidsville???

  2. From what I saw, Eastern Guilford looked good vs. Western Alamance and the same for Northwest Guilford vs. North Davidson….WFMY News 2 had both of these games’ highlights on Twitter…

    Saw Landon Johnson of Dudley HS get a nice pick/interception on Twitter…..

    There is some pretty good video out there on tonight’s games…

    Northwest Guilford looked pretty darn good in the all-Red uniforms….

  3. Was at Reidsville southeast won big 28-0 I think starters played a few series. An the D didn’t allow a 1st down all night.. Eastern Guilford struggled at times QB plays was bad at best an could tell the O really never got going until the last 2 min! An northeast smdh my Rams need help but we did better then we did Wednesday against southeast the storm saved us on that one..

  4. D.J. Reader Jamboree included multiple county teams. It is tough to evaluate scrimmages where coaches rotate thru the depth chart to get a look at all their players.

    NWG moved the ball well against N. Davidson, but gave up a lot of yardage. NW also went up against SG. SG has a lot a good athletes and playmakers but depth could be problem. The same could be said for WG who held their own against Ledford but gave up some big plays to NG. The Nighthawks have some good playmakers but lack size on their lines, which showed against Ragsdale. The Tigers looked very strong and balanced. QB has good speed and decent arm but someone has to step up to replace Malachi Maness in the backfield.

    My Whirlies look good against N. Davidson, racking up five scores and giving up two in a format where teams alternated 10 plays from the 40. Quan Nora will be hard to keep out the end zone this year and QB Zellous is fast developing as a junior. Whirlies have a freshman who looks to be about 6’5″, 270 that played QB at Kiser last year who is very promising on defense. Whirlies have good depth at most positions.

    The good news is that the season is still young, but the kids are playing good, hardnosed football across the board in GUilford County!

  5. No update from the jamboree at Dudley? With a couple of other strong teams in the area there in Page and Smith I would think there would be a lot to report.

  6. Some of the video we were watching was of JV players at the scrimmages and that makes the overall view of the team deceptive….You need to see what the older guys are doing to get a real feel for your team…Needed to see some video on Douglas from SEG, but I think we were seeing a SEG JV QB on the video…(The QB we saw on the WFMY video was #25…Don’t usually see many #25’s playing QB, but I guess you can…Doug Flutie did it wearing #22 at Boston College.)

    Wonder how the Page QB Paige did over at the Dudley Jamboree…He should be the highest rated QB in the county going into the new season….

    The big kid from Kiser, now the freshman at Grimsley, could well have been young Travis Shaw…Big things are expected of him this season for the Whirlies and last year at Kiser he was playing QB on offense…

    Shaw could be one of the next Big Things in the county, if he is willing to put his work in, and that it takes to to get you to the highest level…You can have the name and the size, but you have to do something with it, and that is the challenge the coaches are laying out there at all of our schools every day…..

  7. Still sounds like the ‘Team of the Night’ might have been East Forsyth, with the effort they put up against Richmond County…Sounds like that East Forsyth defense was very hungry on Friday night…

  8. Those were some of the SE varsity backups (2nd – 4th string mostly) with a starter in Marcus Thompson #11 sprinkled in. The first runningback (Jalen Fairley #22) in the video is a varsity starter on defense. SE, as a whole, had too many penalties. They have to be more disciplined. Either way our 1st and 2nd offensive units are not bad and our defense is getting off to a good start. We won’t know what we really have until Friday night.

  9. SE big guys will make some big plays, but last night sophomore Douglas took a bubble screen to the house with a few little jukes. Sophomore Fairley will be a name people hear often. Little man was carrying Rockingham defenders and he took one to the house.

  10. The word from the Dudley scrimmage was Rocky River, from down near Charlotte, came in took over the Jamboree, beating everybody in sight, taking down Page and Dudley..

    Dudley LB Jurriente Davis broke his finger, but he should be OK to go with a splint for support, but Rocky River beat Dudley by 1 TD and Page by at least 2 TD’s…

    They say the freshman QB Slade looked good for Dudley, but Monroe will be your starter at QB and at DB…

    Rocky River came to play and they walked away as the ‘Top Team of the Day’ at the Dudley Jamboree, bases on the report we got in here this morning…..

    Heard Asheboro looked to be much improved and that the Blue Comets made a good showing at Dudley….

    Kind of caught me by surprise, but Rocky River got it going and started flowing and they made the best showing, over at Dudley on Friday…

  11. Not sure who gave you that update Andy. Dudley won every scrimmage they had. They beat Rocky River, Asheboro, West Charlotte and High Point Central ( Game Situation) . Ashboro and Rocky River both Scored once but on Dudley’s Back ups . Rocky River wasn’t the Top Dogs at all . Dudley Ran behind the big boys upfront against all the teams and rushed efficiently scoring mutilple touchdowns . They also showed promised in the Air with Monroe and Slade both throwing touchdowns. Hooker left early in the Jamboree with a Minor leg injury. But will be ready to go next week.

  12. Also, Jurriente Davis didn’t break a finger. He hurt his hand but nothing is broken and will be just fine for week 1

  13. I was also at the scrimmage, so I agree with Witness, Rocky River was not the best team out there. Dudley was the best team, followed by Page, then Rocky River in third place with all the rest of the teams under those three. Dudley looked strong on defense & offense. Page looked pretty decent & the Page Qb made some nice passes. Asheboro, Smith & HPC are a work in progress based on what I’ve seen.

  14. No problem, just going by what the Dudley Fan was telling me…They were there but were in the stands and you never know when you are not directly on the sidelines….

    Sorry for any misunderstandings on my part and I have seen The Witness’ info for many years and they are close to the scene and you can trust their information…

    We can all now get ready for Friday night knowing we have some teams that ought to be fighting for top spots in Page, Dudley, Southeast Guilford, maybe Eastern Guilford and that might be it for the teams fighting for the top spots in their conferences….SWG might give it a run vs. Dudley and Mount Tabor, but for the most part we probably can sort out the teams and we have listed the teams with the very best chances at the top positions in the area conferences….

    I hope other teams make a run, but some are still in the building process….

  15. Dudley showed some great potential in the passing game but they aren’t gonna stray from the run. The BIGS must stay healthy, settle on one QB and avoid careless injuries.

  16. Smiths defense looked ok but the offense was not good. Quarterback run was 80% of the offense.

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