JV Football Tonight for our Guilford County Schools(8/16/18)

+++++Like we have in past years we will have our JV Football Scoreboard up here tonight…Shoot us your scores and we can carry on with this, as we have done in the past…+++++

*****Some of you devout Junior Varsity Football followers can let us know which way this will go with our plan of attack, to list all of the Guilford County Schools varsity games and then just flip them with the Thursday night game being at the location of the Varsity team that is on the Road on Friday…..Flip the fields and see what it yields……Lift up your shields and here is the deal, or deals/games we have this week….Some may not be playing due to a JV conflict, but for now here on the First Official Football Night of the 2018 Season, here you go, with the show….There may have been one high school game that was played on Wednesday featuring Morganton and somebody, and why anybody would ever do that is beyond me…Play the high school football games on Friday night, that is what that night is there for, Friday Night Football….Thursday is for the JV football teams and after a brief introductory delay, here is what he have to say for today and these are the teams that better be ready to play, here on August 16, 2018…..We have been up and down the road in the preseason and now let’s cast our sails into the regular season waters…..Aye- Aye Captain and we are set asail, not to be thrown asunder…..*****

**********JV Football for a Thursday Night**********
All Kickoffs set to go at 7pm….

Northern Guilford at Grimsley
Page at Davie County
Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford at Ragsdale
Northwest Guilford at Smith
Dudley at WS Carver
Southeast Guilford at Cedar Ridge in Hillsborough
(Scott Loosemore, former Eastern Guilford and Southeast Guilford man, has been down at Cedar Ridge in recent years as the head coach.)
WS Reynolds at Southwest Guilford
Morehead at Western Guilford
High Point Central at WS Parkland


  1. Southeast Guilford plays Cedar Ridge High School tonight in Hillsborough. No JV team for Andrews again this year it appears. Cedar Ridge is only fielding a JV team this year consisting of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Their seniors will play at Orange High School this season. Eastearn Guilford’s JV plays them week two I believe.

  2. The reason why Shelby played Freedom last night is because Shelby is hosting the American Legion World Series. The ALWS starts today and runs through Tuesday.

  3. The reason why Shelby played Freedom last night is because Shelby is hosting the American Legion World Series. The ALWS begins today and lasts through Tuesday.

  4. That’s Un-American Legion….This is Football Season now, baseball season is over…

    Sort of Vince Lombardi Jr. approach to that I guess, in the first person…

    But, I do see the point in many ways, that American Legion World Series is a Big Deal for Shelby and they worked hard to get it there, and they want to keep it there…..

    Football is huge in Shelby too and maybe they should have played the game on Friday night in Morganton and then next year they could play in Shelby, but if Shelby has the World Series again next year, and odds are that they do, well then call David Tepper and move the Shelby vs. Morganton football game to Bank of America Stadium, as long as the Panthers are on the road for the exhibition season and if that were the case where the Panthers were home on that Friday Night, I have one of my best All-Time Great Ideas…..

    On a Friday night in August on the first week of the high school football season and the Panthers are set to be home at BOA, let’s play a High School Football-NFL/Professional Football Doubleheader….

    Come on now Mr. David Tepper we could make this happen….Have the High School teams kickoff at 6:30pm and then the Panthers would follow the high school game….

    This might be the first ever High School Football-Professional Football Doubleheader…..And just think how good this would be for the Carolina Panthers in their community outreach….

    This might be a History-Making Event and it all started right here at GreensboroSports.com and we don’t mind going outside of the community to help out…

    Let’s make this happen and then we could all say we have been a part of History….

    Shelby vs. Morganton in Game One of our GreensboroSports.com Doubleheader at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers vs. say the Washington Redskins in Game #2 of our HS/NFL Doubleheader….

    Where is our old pal Pete Rozelle when we need to get this on the table…Call Mr. Tepper and Julius Pepper and we better get on this QUICK……

    Who is “All-In” for this one?????

    We may need to bring extra seats in…..

    See you next August in Charlotte at the Bank of America Stadium and do you think we get Ric Flair to come back and say WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WS Reynolds played WS Parkland not SW Guilford and same goes for WS Parkland they didn’t play HP Central today

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