High School Football Friday Night Finish:Who do we go with as “Player of the Week”???

Who should be our “Player of the Week”????
(We will talk more about it, down below.)

Page wins, Dudley wins, Southeast Guilford wins, Eastern Guilford wins, Ragsdale wins, Southwest Guilford wins, Northwest Guilford wins, and on we go with the Winners…..

Predictions of Tonight’s Games:
Winners….I am looking over these scores and I may be off on a few, but doing most from memory…
Eastern Guilford…Check…Eastern Guilford wins 16-14….NEG linebackers Clagon and Olla two of the better ones around….
Grimsley…Loss…Northern wins 20-15
Ragsdale…Check…Ragsdale wins 21-0
Northwest Guilford…Check…Northwest wins 26-19
Southeast Guilford…Check…SEG wins 29-3…Make that 29-2 and my bad….
Page…Check…Page wins 35-28
Dudley…Check…Dudley wins big, couldn’t even begin to tell you the score…Something like 55-6…
Southwest Guilford…Check…SWG wins 14-7
Morehead…Check…Morehead wins like 25-14…
WS Parkland…Check…WS Parkland wins 44-37 and this was an offensive explosion, and I want to see how HP Central got their offense…
High Point Christian…Win….We are now (10-1) and we usually don’t miss many….I was shocked at the High Point Christian result listed as a Loss, but I saw on Twitter that HPCA actually won, 41-16…So I am not losing my mind and HPCA won a game that they were supposed to win, and good that gives me another win and now I sit at (10-1)..Early on MaxPreps had the wrong score running for HPCA and good to see, they got it right…

“Player of the Week”?????

Right now I am going with Collin Smith(Eastern Guilford High School) who had three field goals, one Extra Point kick, Four touchback kickoffs and a 61-yard punt….One of his field goals, was the Game Winner for EG, with right at 1:27 left in the game….

Collin Smith, the kicker/punter for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats and who is with me on this one, or who do you have as your, “Player of the Week”?????

Saw Paige from Page had a big game with a TD run and long TD pass to Ford Moser….Who else belongs in the running???

Here we go with Grimsley falling to a better Northern Guilford team than some expected/realized…..

We will add more to this post later, but for now, “Player of the Week”?????

Anybody big for Dudley, SEG, NWG, SWG, Ragsdale or others????

**********Let us know and here we go, the first week of the 2018 season, is in the in the books….**********

That NEG-EG game was not the prettiest game of all, but it sure was close….NEG up 7-0, the EG made it 7-3, then it was 7-6 NEG and then EG went up 13-7 and later on NEG retook the lead, 14-13 before EG went on to win it, 16-14…Good battle, and it up going back-and-forth…


  1. I was at the EG/NEG game. Collin Smith should’ve had FIVE (5) FGs instead of three. EG was in the red zone TWICE and turned those possessions over on downs. Folks underestimate the role of a good FG/P/K. Smith was able to pin NE deep late in the game. EG forced NE to a 3-and-out…resulting in good field position for EG. A few plays later, EG’s Adam Akins had a huge run, thus setting up Smith’s 35yd game winning FG. Note: Collin Smith SHOULD get a D-1 scholly. The kid has tremendous range. Connected on a 47yd FG last year. I was at that game. The kick would’ve been good from 50…

  2. I think number 7 WR for NE Guilford jaydon hall who scored the first touchdown and had 2 great catches was a vital asset to NE lastnight

  3. I’ve been around high school and college football for 30 plus years and the do it all kicker for Eastern is a special talent, he was the difference in tonight’s Eastern/ Northeast game, if he doesn’t get a big time scholarship somewhere it would be a crime. Northeast defense played lights out all night and they will be good once the early season turnover bug gets corrected, Coach Bates at Northeast and Coach Glass at Eastern will have good seasons this year, a very good hard fought game was played last night. Congrats to both teams!

  4. Dudley’s Richard Monroe had 2 touch down passes, 1 pd and an int in their win vs Carver.

  5. Kicker/punters are so often overlooked! The News 2 and Fox 8 summaries of the EG/NEG game did not even MENTION that 10 of EG’s 16 points were kicking points, nor that the game winning score was a 37 yard FG! Collin Smith, #26, EGHS K/P, deserves “Player of the Week”!!

  6. #26 COLLIN SMITH NEVER LETS US DOWN!! He is one of the top kicker/punters in the state with attention from many D1 schools!! He deserves “Player of the Week” !!!!

  7. EG’s #26 Collin Smith should definitely be the Player of the Week. His performance last night was flawless and even included a tackle! An all around amazing athlete who proves hard work pays off! Love watching this Wildcat play!????

  8. Javondre Paige. 156 yards rushing and 2 TDs + 165 yards passing with 2 TDs = a comeback win. Drops the mic……

  9. Colin Smith for player of the week. I agree with all the comments made about Colin. He deserves looks from D1 schools.

  10. Colin Smith for player of the week. He deserves some good looks from D1 schools. He has a powerful leg!!

  11. Maybe at least Honorable Mention but I’m very impressed with sophomore Jaylen Fairley @ SE. On a night when the offense struggled (blocking and penalties) Jaylen came up big several times running through defenders. Not sure of his total yds because of all the penalties but he had a big TD run that was called back for a flag on the other side of the field totally away from the run. He also had a big TD catch with a defender all over him.

  12. Collin Smith! Scoring 10 of 16 points to squeak out EG’s first win, plus preventing a likely NE score with a back field tackle! Quite a night for the kicker!

  13. WOW, quite the turn out for Collin Smith and well-deserved…I had almost forgotten that he was in on that one tackle that saved the TD…If you come to watch an Eastern Guilford football game, look for the shoes…Collin Smith has those neon green shoes and you can’t miss him….Look for those shoes..

    Fine job on that TD catch by Hall from NEG and I really like the job that Zeke Nicholson and Antonio Greene did for NEG with their returns and catches and their overall playmaking abilities…

    Fine job running by Hezekiah Newby from EG and I want to put in a shout out for Darell Roberts, the RB from EG, he was running hard last year, got dinged up a bit and missed time, but in the second half he came out there last night and he gave the EG Wildcats some very big running yards on the ground…You love to see the senior step in and contribute when he gets the chance…

    Alex Gowda big on defense for EG and the BIG THREE of Nic Cheeley, Justin Matthews and Adam Akins all had BIG moments for EG…You have to like that BIG THREE and how they can help your team and come up big and speaking of big, BIG Erik Walker lived up to his billing and have to like the job he did on the O-line and D-line…Was also proud of the job senior Nathan White did at LB for EG…Made some big stops and helped lead his team to victory….Good to hear the Nathan White name roaring out like a Wildcat over the PA system at Tommy Grayson Field…..

    We were all treated to a special night, last night at Eastern Guilford…I just have to say, I do feel like the kicker, Collin “The Kicker” Smith, did steal the show….

    *****PS, I have to think Eastern Guilford principal Lance Sockwell, an Eastern Guilford grad, has a BIG smile on his face this morning and that he is very proud of his ‘Cats….*****

  14. Collin Smith, EG kicker, scored 10 points, and could have had two more field goals. He also made a good tackle, stopping a long return run. Collin Smith for player of the week!!

  15. Here are the numbers on Javondre Paige from Page coming in from J.P. Mundy at the News and Record:

    QB Javondre Paige, 20 carries for 156 yards, two TDs; 10-for-23 passing, 165 yards, two TDs.

    321 yards with 4 TD’s…

    Smith(EG) a senior and Paige(Page) a junior and you have to feel Paige will have many more big games like this, this season, but for Collin Smith, that might have been a chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of chance, and who knows, but we do know he will have big games again, but one like this that led to a win…
    (You just never, never know.)

    Remember the kicking battle between the Page kicker(Thomas Murray) and Smith last season in the Page-EG game at Eastern???

    Your kicker can be a key…Wonder where Thomas Murray is today and he won it for Page at EG last year/season…

    Give us some news on Ryan Douglas and how the SEG Falcons looked last night and any news on how Devan Boykin and the Ragsdale Tigers showed out in their down at Southern Guilford?????

    When it comes to Guilford County, we hope to keep you covered here in the county this season, so if you have info for us, spill the beans and bring it on over here….

    How ’bout ya spreading the news too and let the fans know, this is the place to go…..

  16. Just found Ryan Douglas from Southeast Guilford going for 2 TD runs and 1 TD pass for the SEG Falcons…Jalen Fairley had 2 TD’s for SEG, in the Falcons win over High Point Andrews…

    Still looking for word on Devan Boykin and his Ragsdale Tiger teammates…

    From what I saw, Richard Monroe/Quad Monroe threw for 2 TD’s for Dudley, but did not see Michael Wyman on the receiving end of any TD’s for Dudley…I’m thinking Monroe may have had a TD run too…Monroe, a tall lanky kid that can find the End Zone…

    Now we are out and will return here later today….Enjoy the reading….

  17. Found some numbers on Cameron Cloud from Northwest Guilford last night with 2 TD runs and 1 TD catch for a total of 3 TD’s for the NWG Vikings….

  18. Myers Park QB Drake Maye, son of Mark Maye:
    completed 14-of-25 passes for 186 yards and four touchdowns in a 35-0 win over Olympic.

  19. My vote goes to Collin Smith!!! Outstanding athletic, proven under pressure time and time again that he can bring the W home for EG Wildcats. This guy truly has a gift!!!

  20. Hey Andy!

    Glad to be back after so long! Just wanted to let you know that De’Anthony Brooks is in Burlington Police Department’s academe!He slated to graduate in December. His best collegiate game was the homecoming game his senior year at Fayetteville State. (He was voted CIAA Player of the week). Can you do an update on the rest of those Page Pirates from that magical championship season? Thanks!

  21. Jaylen Fairley (mentioned above) REALLY put in work this off season to get his body in shape to play varsity football this season (he is a rising sophomore) and when you match that to his God given talent you get a special player. He is going to surprise A LOT people this season and I wouldn’t bet against him being player of the week at some point.

  22. Jackson took most of the snaps at QB for Ragsdale on Friday night. Boykin had a great game with 2 punt returns for TDs, however one was called back on a penalty. Boykin also with a TD late in the game on a jet sweep. The Tigers are way better offensively with both Jackson and Boykin on the field at the same time.

  23. Cam Cloud did have the touchdowns, but Jacob Hardy seemed to be the dominant player in the Smith-NW game. He had a sack or two, fumble recovery, and is still running through and over Smith defenders that helped with the 2nd half comeback win. People in the stands around me kept saying, “Give the ball to #20”. I do not know how stat line, but he was a huge impact player for sure!

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