Where Are They Now Page Pirates 2011 NCHSAA Football 4-AA State Champions(15-0)???

*****Where Are They Now Page Pirates 2011 NCHSAA Football 4-AA State Champions(15-0)???*****
(Here is the list and see if you can help us out with a few of these names.)

James Summers…..In the backfield as a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers….
DeAnthony ‘Debo’ Brooks…Burlington Police Department’s Academy!(He slated to graduate in December.)
Shaun Workinger…Had a tryout with the Carolina Panthers as a fullback a few years back and now either working as a personal trainer, or with Chick-fil-A….
Drew Rogers
Blake Hickman
Ed Britt
Jacquel Derr
Kysung Young
Brian Spain
Jarvis Small
Orlando Hatfield
Carter Greene
Thomas Little
Christian Cranford
Marcus Demery
Ryan Jackson
Will Henry
Savon Wall
Devonta Hooker
Evan Roer
Jacob Green
Jonathan Smith
Dishon Stewart
Isaiah Towns

+++++Thought we would throw the coaches in here for good measure….+++++
Head Coach:Kevin Gillespie
(Now the head coach at Asheboro High School)

Assistant coaches:
Norman Weeks-Defensive Coordinator…Last check was an assistant coach at Asheboro HS(Defensive Coordinator)
Gordon Hagen…Coach Hagen is at Thomasville as an assistant coach, to former Eastern Guilford coach, Doug Robertson….
Todd Halkyer…Coach Halkyer is still coaching, but not sure where, might be at Page, maybe not…..
Cody Page
Wilson Helms…Took a head coaching job somewhere down near Raleigh, in Wake County….
Chris Ferguson
Kevin Harris….Coach Harris is coaching down in Florida and we used to get a comment or two from him on occasion…….
Earl Sams…I think Coach Sams is still at Page, maybe coaching the DB’s…
Jesse Britt…Coach Britt was at Page, but I think he may have moved on and he is now at Asheboro, as an assistant to Coach Kevin Gillespie..
Malcolm Parker
Mark Raynor….Coach Raynor at Southern High School, and sure if that is SG or SA or even SD, but he is coaching football and track….
Russell Mills


  1. – Gordon Hagen is Thomasville DC
    – Jesse Britt coaches with Gillespie at Asheboro
    – Kevin Harris coach down in FL
    – Coach sams still at page coaching DBs / track coach
    – Norman weeks DC at Asheboro
    – Mark Raynor at southern high school coaching football and track

  2. Don’t be surprised if Page is in 4-A instead of 4-AA this year. Enrollment numbers are down at the school.

  3. Got a few more updates in and mainly on the coaches and how about Page at the 4-A level for the football playoffs this season, that would be an interesting twist….

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