Saw some of the Cheapest Gas around town today over on the corner of South Holden Road and West Vandalia Road

Saw the cheapest gas I had seen in a long time today and would not even post the info here, but it really got my attention and it might get yours too….

Always on the move at and going out into the field today to deliver an invoice, and lots of times we are out on numerous sales calls or visiting schools to talk to players and coaches, and the day-to-day of keeping the site up and rolling, does keep you on the move…

Saw gas for sale today at the BP Family Fare store on the corner of South Holden Road and West Vandalia Road, for just $2.47 per gallon….Across the street at what used to be the Kangaroo, it was 10 cents higher at $2.57….Across town on West Friendly Avenue, it is 20 cents more expensive at $2.67 per gallon and there are a few places around town, where the gas is $2.69 per gallon….

If you are driving around a lot, you tend to notice things like this and the average price for gas around town/in Greensboro these days is $2.58 per gallon….

That $2.47 per gallon at the BP, there on Holden and Vandalia Roads, sure got me staring out the car window this morning and I wish I would have had some extra cash, and I would have picked up on about 10 dollars worth of that cheap $2.47 per gallon gas at the BP….

Most of the time, BP is really a good name for gas brands and that Family Fare ought to be getting their fair share of gas business this week, with the price at $2.47 per gallon…

There was another place across the street. other than the Kangaroo, which may be a Circle K these days, but the other local, there are three convenience stores right there together, with the BP/Family Fare, the Kangaroo/Circle K and the other one, which I’m not sure what brand they are pumping, but they have an oil change place connected to the convenience store, and they had their gas at $2.47 per gallon today as well….

Gas for $2.47 per gallon and people were filling up today over at the intersection of South Holden and West Vandalia Roads …..Get it while it is still at $2.47 per gallon…..