College Kids that will be taking the field this coming Saturday as the 2018 College Football Season gets started

Here is a list of names to watching out for this coming Saturday as the new college football season gets rolling…
We have the list started and feel free to add more names in the Comment Box…Plenty more out there and add in as many as you want…Keep The List going and growing….Some of the key names here…

**********Here is an update on “The List” with everyone slotted at their different schools/colleges….**********

N.C. A&T
QB Lamar Raynard (Andrews)
RB Marquell Cartwright (Andrews)
RB Darius Graves (Dudley)
WR Ron Hunt (Southern Guilford)
DB Franklin McCain (Dudley)
LB Kyin Howard (Eastern Guilford)
LB Zareik Rush (Dudley)
0L Dacquiri Wilson (Dudley)
Keifer Oates (Northeast Guilford)
Michael Branch (Southeast Guilford)
Bilal Ali (Eastern Guilford)

Guilford College
DB Tyrique Ridges (Northeast Guilford)
WR Brent Apple (Southeast Guilford)
DB Desmond Overton (Northeast Guilford)
RB Nate Johnson (Western Guilford)
RB Ezra Perkins (Dudley)
K/P Harrison Kiser (Page)
WR Zaccheus Milton (Eastern Guilford)
WR Darien Epps (Southwest Guilford)
DB Kris Matthews (Page)
OL Jacob Mililo (Page)
LB Frank Mark (Southern Guilford)
RB Ezra Perkins (Dudley)
DL Jake Moore (Northern Guilford)
WR Edrick Purnell (Western Guilford)

Greensboro College
QB Rohan Goldston (Smith)
K/P Zach Ellison (Northwest Guilford)
DL James Pegues (Southeast Guilford)
S Shaye Pinnix (Southern Guilford)
S Kavin Logan (HP Central)
TE Nicholas Coleman (Ragsdale)

N.C. State
RB Reggie Gallaspy (Southern Guilford)
LB Germaine Pratt (High Point Central)
DB Jarius Morehead (Eastern Guilford)
K Christopher Dunn
OL Bryson Speas (Dudley)

North Carolina
RB MJ Frazier (Northern Guilford)
RB Chavis Little (HP Central)
OL Nick Mackovic (Page)
WR Carson Burgess (Southeast Guilford)

LB Kevin Gehsmann (Western Guilford)

Wake Forest
OL Spencer Clapp (Eastern Guilford)

Appalachian State
WR Thomas Hennigan (Northwest Guilford)
DB Jeremy Level (Page)
DL Elijah Diarrassouba (Page)
OL Will Hardin (Page)
QB Stephon Brown (Glenn)
LB Blythe Hall (Southeast Guilford)
P Clayton Howell (HP Central)
DB Zion Madden (Southwest Guilford)

East Carolina
DB Jaren Rainey (Southwest Guilford)
DB Nolan Johnson (Southwest Guilford)
DE Trey Love (Southeast Guilford)
DB Myles Berry (Dudley)
DB Kenyon Taylor (Southern Guilford)

NC Central (DI)
LB Patrick Connor(Dudley)
RB Eric Cunningham (Southwest Guilford)
DL Stephon Hart (Smith)
DB Jamarcus Johnson (Smith)

Winston-Salem State
DL Albert McLean (Dudley)
QB Dominique Graves (Eastern Guilford)
OL Kendyl Graves (Eastern Guilford)
QB Miles Timmons (Northern Guilford)
DL Reggie Robertson (Dudley)
DB Jalon Womack (Southwest Guilford)
DB Josh Martin (Southeast Guilford)

DB Greg Leggs Jr (Southeast Guilford)
WR Tre Marsh (Northern Guilford)

WR James Ellis II (Page)
DL Christian Mobley (Grimsley)

DB Lance McMillan (Grimsley)
LB BJ Turner (Page)
OL Dejan Rasuo (Ragsdale)
OL Cameron Clark (Smith)
WR Chris Wiggins (Grimsley)
LB Juwan Foggie (HP Central)

Western Carolina
QB Will Jones (Page)
RB Connell Young (Dudley)

Virginia Tech
QB Hendon Hooker (Dudley)
LB Alan Tisdale (Page)
WR Tre Turner (Northwest Guilford)
DB DJ Crossen (Dudley)

DB Nile Harris (Grimsley)
WR Jeremiah Brown (Southwest Guilford)

Old Dominion
DL Jack Hazzard (Grimsley)
DE Tim Ward (HP Central)
WR Nigel Fitzgerald (Dudley)
S Christian Herbin (Northern Guilford)
CB Lance Boykin (HP Christian)

LB Jax Hackett (Southeast Guilford)

WR Diondre Overton (Page)
LB Chris Register (Dudley)

Javon Leake (Page) Maryland
Bentley Faulkner (Grimsley) Maryland
Brelin Faison-Walden (Grimsley) Penn State

Original List…..
N.C. A&T and the Aggies got rolling back on Saturday night with their 20-17 victory at Jacksonville State…
QB Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews HS)
RB Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews HS)
RB Darius Graves(Dudley HS)
WR Ron Hunt(Southern Guilford HS)
DB Franklin ‘Mac’ McCain(Dudley HS)
LB Kyin Howard(Eastern Guilford HS)
LB Zareik Rush(Dudley HS)
0L Dacquiri Wilson(Dudley HS)

Guilford College:
DB Tyrique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS)
WR Brent Apple(Southeast Guilford HS)
DB Desmond Overton(Northeast Guilford HS)
RB Nate Johnson(Western Guilford HS)
RB Ezra Perkins(Dudley HS)
K/P Harrison Kiser(Page HS)
WR Zaccheus Milton(Eastern Guilford HS)

Greensboro College:
QB Rohan Goldston(Smith HS)
K/P Zach Ellison(Northwest Guilford HS)
DL James Peguese(Southeast Guilford HS)

Winston-Salem State University:
QB Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS)
OL Kendyl Graves(Eastern Guilford HS)

N.C. State University:
RB Reggie Gallaspy(Souuthern Guilford HS)
LB Germaine Pratt(High Point Central HS)
DB Jarius Morehead(Eastern Guilford HS)

North Carolina University:
RB MJ Frazier(Northern Guilford HS)
RB Chavis Little(High Point Central HS)

East Carolina University:
DB Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS)
DB Nolan Johnson(Southwest Guilford HS)
DE Trey Love(Southeast Guilford HS)

Appalachian State University:
WR Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS)
QB Stephon Brown(Glenn HS)

Western Carolina University:
RB Connell Young(Dudley HS)

Virginia Tech University:
QB Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS)
LB Alan Tisdale(Page HS)
WR Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS)
DB DJ Crossen(Dudley HS)

Richmond University:
DB Nile Harris(Grimsley HS)

Old Dominion University:
DL Jack Hazzard(Grimsley HS)

Furman University:
LB Jax Hackett(Southeast Guilford HS)

Clemson University:
WR Diondre Overton(Page HS)

Here we go with our add-ons to a great list….I really like what we are doing with this List….

DE Tim Ward (HP Central) and WR Nigel Fitzgerald (Dudley) also at Old Dominion

QB Will Jones from Page at Western Carolina….I think Will Jones might be fighting for the backup role for the Catamounts….

DB Myles Berry (Dudley High) is at ECU
QB Miles Timmons (NGHS) is at WSSU

LB Chris Register at Clemson University….Big Chris should finish strong…

FB Kevin Gehsmann (W Guilford) at Duke University….I remember Kevin from back in the day on several of our Football Talk Shows and one heck of a kid….Wonder what ever became of the Stadnik Brothers after their careers ended at South Carolina?????

RB C.J./Caleb Freeman(Northern Guilford HS) at Iowa Western Community College

DB Greg Leggs Jr.(Southeast Guilford High School) Elon University

WR Blake Proehl(former Greensboro Youth Football player and son of Ricky Proehl(NFL) and brother of Austin Proehl(NFL) and cousin of Ford Moser(Page HS) Blake at East Carolina University…

Just when you think the list might be slowing, it just keeps on going and growing and knowing this is a good way to get the local kids names some pub/publicity, let’s keep those names coming…

Jalon Womack-Winston Salem State
Drew Smith- Wingate University….We saw Drew Smith at the East-West All-Star Games this past Summer….OL
Elijah Adeloye-Fayetteville State University
Zion Madden-App State University
Jeremiah Brown- Richmond University….I think Jeremiah(WR) was starting out for Wake and then made the move to Richmond…There with Nile Harris(Grimsley HS)….Jeremiah Brown was quite the Track man back in his day too, a very good runner….

Andre Jones- Tusculum College
Colton Weeks- UNC Pembroke
Mantriel Reeves- Towson University
Darien Epps- Guilford College

Chris Wiggins-Grimsley UNCC…WR in his time at Grimsley
Lance McMillan Grimsley UNCC…DB back in the day…
Bentley Faulkner Grimsley Univ of Maryland…..I think Faulkner was the Punter/Kicker…
BJ Turner Page UNCC…..LB from Page….
James Surgeon SE Guilford Wingate…Looking at DL and wrestling too for Surgeon….
Reggie Robertson Dudley WSSU….Reg Rob was a very popular player at Dudley, in his time with the Panthers…

We also still have Alec Cobb(Ragsdale HS) as the QB up at Hampden Sydney and he took apart our local Guilford College Quakers at Guilford last season and just led his HS Tigers to a win over Greensboro College, say 28-14, up at the Washington Redskins training camp in a scrimmage, this past weekend…..
Alec Cobb, one of the top returning quarterbacks in the ODAC Conference…..

OL Bryson Speas(Dudley HS) NC State….Big O-lineman and we interviewed him on one of our programs, back in the day….Was going to Virginia, then looked at Virginia Tech, before settling on N.C. State, and it appears on the surface, that he made a very good decision…..

DB Gerald Simpson (Dudley/NEG) at Fayetteville State
RB Malachi Maness(Ragsdale) at Wingate
DE Brevin Allen(Northeast) at Campbell
Jalen Williams (Northeast) at Wingate
DB Chris Foster (Northern) at Wingate
DL Abdul Sacko(Ragsdale) at Averett
LB Romello Herbin(Southern) at Averett
Damion Hairston(High Point Central) at Averett

+++++I think we might be able to reach 200 names on this list……+++++

Bryant Barr- Campbell University (E Guilford)
Blythe Hall – App St (SE Guilford)
Spencer Clapp – Wake Forest University (E Guilford)
Bubba Craven – Brevard (SE Guilford)
Christian Herbin – Old Dominion (Northern)
Carson Burgess – UNC (SE Guilford)
Michael Branch – NC A&T (SE Guilford)
Bilal Ali – NC A&T (E Guilford)

Malik Streater – DB – Bryant University
Greg Streater – DB Campbell University
Lance Boykin – DB – Old Dominion University
**********All from High Point Christian**********

Dominick Britt(Page) at Lenoir Rhyne, father is the former A&T and Pittsburgh Steeler receiver
Nigel Peele(Dudley) at Fayetteville State
Bruce Davis(Grimsley) at Fayetteville State
Isaiah Ashley(Northwest) at Furman
Patrick Connor(Dudley) at NCCU
Quran Blount(Dudley) at Fayetteville State
Eugene Shields(Eastern) at NCCU
Brelin Faison-Walden (Grimsley) Penn State

Nick Mackovic(Page HS) UNC offensive line…

Tobias Floyd(Northeast Guilford HS) Fayetteville State University
Keifer Oates(Northeast Guilford HS) N.C. A&T
Matthew Norman Weatherford(Northeast Guilford HS) Fayetteville State University

We are taking this list to the top….And we thank the North Davidson Knights and Coach Snyder for getting involved…I am looking forward to seeing what that young kicker at N.C. State does…And Coach Beal, over at East Forsyth will send us a few of his former players, that are now playing college football….
T.J. Boyce(North Davidson HS- NC A&T
Christopher Dunn(North Davidson HS)- NC State
(Listed as starting PK as a true Freshman)

DB Jeremy Level – App state….Page JS
DL Elijah Diarrassouba – App State….Page HS
OL Will Hardin – App State….Page HS
WR James Ellis II – Gardner-Webb Univ…..Page HS

Desmond Sturdivant : Hampton University(Starting DL)….Smith HS
Cameron Clark:UNC Charlotte(Starting OL)….Smith HS

Who’s Next, Who do we have coming up next???
Mr. “Who’s Next”, Bill Goldberg played college football at the University of Georgia….