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“Football in Focus Show” back Tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue with a 6pm start time/Kickoff

High School football tonight, and we will talk on all levels of football, with the return of our “Football in Focus Show”, from the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…We will have a start time of 6pm and we will get started with Joe Sirera from the News and Record and the HSXtra section and we will talk to Joe about last week’s games, this week’s games, the big upsets, the surprise teams, players that have been stepping up and much more…Plus we plan to share some thoughts about the loss of Mike Hogewood, who “Friday Football Fever” on the map at WFMY NEWS 2 Sports….

Football in Focus at GreensboroSports Radio and we will hit all of the high school talk, touch on a little college football and then hit the Falcons-Eagles game and the Panthers for this season, at GreensboroSports Radio

Our guests tonight will be rolling in from Northwest Guilford High School, coming off of their huge win last Friday night over Southeast Guilford and the Vikings have a big game looming this week, vs. Northern Guilford HS…

From NWG we have lined up QB Johnny Pagano, WR/RB Cameron Cloud and LB Pete Hennigan…..We will talk to all three of these young men about last week’s victory over SEG and then what is going thorough their minds as they prepare to face Northern Guilford on Friday night….Johnny Pagano, Cam Cloud and Pete Hennigan due to be with us tonight on GreensboroSports Radio, from the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue….

We also will be looking for Dennis White tonight, who hopes to drop by and join us at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, and on GreensboroSports Radio

Some of the big high school football games this week include Northern Guilford at Northwest Guilford, Eastern Guilford at Page and Southwest Guilford at Ragsdale, and Grimsley at Southeast Guilford is looming large for the Whirlies and Falcons too…..

We will be talking about those games and more tonight at KickBack Jack’s on GreensboroSports Radio….Be sure to tune in at 6pm and check out the show/program and you can also listen back to the Football in Focus Show on replay after we finish up with the LIVE production tonight….Go to GreensboroSports Radio.

KickBack Jack’s with Your Team and Your Game and they will have the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Philadelphia Eagles game for your viewing pleasure this evening and you might want to go ahead and order the Old Fashioned Burger….It is a great meal…..The burger with chili and slaw and so much more…..The Old Fashioned Burger or a rack of Ribs is waiting on you at KickBack Jack’s, with Your Team and Your Game on the Large Screen TV’s surrounding KickBack Jack’s….

See you tonight and be sure to check out our guests with Joe Sirera, the young men from NWG and Dennis White tonight, on GreensboroSports Radio, from KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…..

It’s Football Time in the Carolinas at KickBack Jack’s and your one-stop football viewing shop is KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…

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  1. Looking forward to tuning in this evening to hear what our good friend Andy has to say about our area teams! <3 Thanks again for everything you do for our kids and community!

  2. We’ve got some good kids out here, we just have to keep on getting their names out there…Have been working on a “Remember When” player and I hope he might get to join us tonight….Could be on in our last segment…

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