Football in Focus Tonight from KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue with a start time of 6pm

We are back at KickBack Jack’s tonight at 6pm on Battleground Avenue and there will be lots of football to talk about from KickBack Jack’s, as we come your way on GreensboroSports Radio with that start time of 6pm….

Joe Sirera, from the News and Record is slated to join us at 6pm and we’ll look back at last week’s games and then begin to see who has the top games coming to the county this Friday night…Talking about teams like SWG, NWG, NEG, Page, Grimsley, Smith, Dudley, Southeast Guilford, Eastern Guilford, Northern Guilford, Western Guilford, Southern Guilford, Ragsdale, High Point Central and High Point Andrews….Most of the games this week are all games with our county teams, playing non-county teams, with the exception of the Page at Southern Guilford game….We do have quite a few conference games going into this week’s schedule, and we will for sure be looking at all of those…..

A lot of football on the plate with Joe Sirera, from the News and Record’s HSXtra site tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…

After our opening segment with Joe on the show, we will go and bring in the Southeast Guilford Falcons and talk about the Falcons big win last week over the Dudley Panthers…

From SEG we will see the six young men from the Falcons Leadership Group and from that group we will have Ryan Douglas, Chad Stephens, Jake Rapp, Tre Caldwell, Brett Shreve and Quantez Mansfield….From the six, we will have Three speaking captains and we will see who are the Three and that will be our main mix tonight at KickBack Jack’s, getting the word out about the Six and hearing from the Three…Hope to maybe get a key word in with all six, but the lead Three will be our main spokesmen tonight for the SEG Falcons….We some have key questions for them and some of our “Fast Track Trivia Questions”, as well…..

Looking forward to connecting with our Southeast Guilford football players/SEG students tonight, at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue….

Also looking for GreensboroSports Radio man Dennis White, to drop in tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…..

We will be talking about plenty of football games and more tonight at KickBack Jack’s on GreensboroSports Radio….Be sure to tune in at 6pm and check out the show/program and you can also listen back to the Football in Focus Show on replay after we finish up with the LIVE production tonight….Go to GreensboroSports Radio.

KickBack Jack’s with Your Team and Your Game and they will have the New York Jets(1-1) at the Cleveland Browns(0-1-1) game for your viewing pleasure this evening and why not go ahead and order the Old Fashioned Burger….It is a great meal…..The burger with chili and slaw and so much more…..The Old Fashioned Burger or a rack of Ribs is waiting on you at KickBack Jack’s, with Your Team and Your Game on the Large Screen TV’s surrounding KickBack Jack’s….Check out the Philly Steak n Cheese Sandwich, it is big and it is good, and this might be your ticket tonight….

See you tonight and be sure to check out our guests Joe Sirera, the Southeast Guilford Falcons, and Dennis White tonight, on GreensboroSports Radio, from KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…..