Middle School Football for Today(10/9/18) in Guilford County:”Tuesday in the Middle”(Ferndale and Southeast Guilford find Tuesday Victories)

Middle School Football for Today(10/9/18) in Guilford County
Ferndale Middle 13 Hairston Middle 12
This should put Ferndale at least at (4-0) on the season….Every game we have seen from them/Ferndale they have won….
Southeast Guilford Middle 16, Northwest Guilford Middle 6
Nice TD pass from SEG for their first TD of the game…It came with 1:41 remaining in the First Quarter…The two-point conversion was good and SEG goes up, 8-0…End of First Quarter:SEG 8, NWG 0
NWG gets a touchdown run with 5:19 left in the second quarter and their two-point conversion run fails the score now reads, SEG 8, NWG 6….
Halftime:SEG 8, NWG 6
End of 3rd Quarter:SEG 8, NWG 6
SEG closes out the scoring with by adding a touchdown with just 2:22 left in the contest….Their two-point conversion was good and SEG was now out in front, 16-6….And that is how today’s game ended…
Final:Southeast Guilford Middle 16, Northwest Guilford Middle 6

(Several teams playing today/Tuesday and others will be in action tomorrow/Wednesday.)

Today/Tuesday October 9:
Western Guilford Middle at Eastern Guilford Middle 5pm


  1. Yes, got that one squared away with NG in action next week…

    Some schools playing today, some schools playing tomorrow and some schools not playing until next week…

    Arbiter Live a little confusing today, but I hope we got it….

  2. Northeast Guilford is scheduled to play at Allen Middle on Wednesday.
    Swann will be at Northeast Guilford Middle next week on Tuesday Oct 16

  3. Yes sir, Yes mam, old Mr. Arbiter is sure keeping us busy today….What we are running into is teams playing on two different days in the same week and some teams not playing at all this week, but playing again next week….

    Old Mr. Arbiter is still our best source for the Middle School football information and we will keep on keeping our ears to the ground out in front of his website….

  4. Also it kind of/sort of looks like it is going to rain today….Heard Thursday is supposed to be a big rain day too….

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