Phenom’s Open Gym Tour: Northwest Guilford – Phenom Hoop Report

Phenom’s Open Gym Tour: Northwest Guilford
Jeff Bendel

Over the last six or seven years, few Greensboro-based public school programs have enjoyed more on-court success than Northwest Guilford. Folks from around the area know that the Summerfield-Oak Ridge-Stokesdale trinity isn’t typically considered as a hotbed for basketball talent. That being said, Coach Lee Reavis has done an impeccable job of developing players and implementing a well-oiled system since taking over as head coach in 2010. During that time, they’ve built their team around guys like Nick Powell, Sam Covington, Jalen Spicer, Reggie Davis, Tre Turner, and Thomas Hennigan, and have maintained their rugged, unselfish style of play seamlessly throughout the years. Everybody buys in and that’s a major part of their concept. This season, they’ll be overflowing with juniors, including their main leaders, Christian Hampton and Dean Reiber, and should have no issue outworking opposing teams on both sides of the ball, especially considering their quality depth of size.

6’9 ’20 Dean Reiber
The most talented player on the roster is Reiber, who we’ve seen consistently develop and build his skillset over the last few years. He’s a smooth face-up power forward with the ability to score in virtually every way. Reiber shoots the ball extremely well from midrange and beyond the arc with a nice setup and fairly quick release. His pick-and-pop game is very sophisticated, as he displays a great understanding of how to move and operate without the ball. Reiber rebounds strong on both ends of the floor and can push the break with relative ease. He’s swift and somewhat glides from one end of the court to the other, and is able to effectively take opposing big men off the dribble and to the rim. His vision is excellent from the high-post/midrange area and he’s able to make sharp passes at difficult angles. Reiber is smart, showcases a fundamentally sound approach to the game, and should start truly dominating his high-school competition. He’s a strong candidate to have a breakout season, but Reiber will have to commit to attacking the interior more often, given his size and ability to finish nearly any attempt around the basket.

Latest Interest: Clemson, Rutgers, Tennessee, Lipscomb, Furman, William and Mary, Wofford, Radford, College of Charleston, UNCG, UNC-Asheville, UNCC, UNCW, WCU

Offers: Rice, High Point

6’1 ’20 Christian Hampton
As talented as Reiber is, Hampton is the clear two-way leader of this team. He’s vocal, reliable, and makes absolutely sure that his presence is felt on both ends of the floor. Over the last two years, Hampton has continually made strides as a playmaker and should be a stud as a point guard at the Division I level. The lefty attacks the basket with relentlessness and anger, able to finish above the rim and through any amount of contact. He’s strong and willingly sacrifices his body whenever necessary. Hampton is a really intelligent player with impressive vision and the ability to generate offense in an instant. When he’s hitting perimeter jumpers, Hampton is a nightmare for opponents. Right now, his value as a defender cannot be overstated, as he can bottle up most guards in his class without breaking a sweat. Hampton moves so well laterally and can truly mirror his on-ball assignment. His motor is unbelievable and he provides a unique intensity as a defender. Hampton plays at a controlled pace at all times, despite being the most ferocious player on the floor. He’s a high-level rebounder for his size and position. Hampton effortlessly forces steals, both on and off-ball, and is a constant threat to finish the break himself. His recruitment should also continue to trend upward, as his all-around impact has proven to have a strong correlation with winning.

Latest Interest: Clemson, Liberty, Lipscomb, Wofford, Winthrop, WCU

6’5 ’21 Noah Allred
Though he’s somewhat young, Allred brings an excellent presence to this team, as a skilled combo-forward with all-around ability. Like Reiber, Allred is primarily a face-up option that can efficiently score on all three levels or take opponents off the dribble and finish around the basket. He is downright lethal from midrange and isn’t shy about applying constant pressure from that area. Allred loves to set up with his back to the basket and is able to fade nicely over either shoulder, from either side of the hoop. He’s extremely smart and it’s evident in the way he moves on offense. Allred is somewhat between positions right now, but will ultimately still be a Division I player even if he doesn’t grow another inch. He’s talented and should be a fun prospect to watch progress this season.

Interest: UNCC, Davidson, Tennesee, Longwood, ECU, Liberty, WSSU

6’0 ’20 Robbie Boulton
With their strong guard depth, Boulton is going to be an intriguing candidate for heavy minutes at the point guard position. He’s wiry and has craftiness when looking to create offensive opportunities for others. Boulton possesses upside as a scorer, but won’t need to focus on establishing high point totals, given the construct of this team. He’ll have a great season if he can consistently initiate offense, knock down open jumpers, and contain his assignment defensively.

6’5 ’20 Landry Garris
Backing up the star-studded big man duo is Garris, who seems to embrace his role exceptionally well on both sides of the floor. He possesses nice size, length, and shooting touch as a floor-stretching big. Garris showed quality patience and shot-selection around the perimeter while also displaying the ability to put the ball on the floor and finish around the basket. He fights hard on defense and does a solid job of securing rebounds.

Other notable prospects

5’11 ’22 Connor Ballou

6’0 ’21 Jake Kawalec

5’10 ’20 Shak Marsh

6’3 ’20 Khari Carson

*6’2 ’20 Brandon Thomas

*5’10 ’19 Johnny Pagano

The rest of their roster will shake out with the players listed above. Ballou is a smart game manager that can score the ball; he could easily become their next point guard after Hampton and Boulton depart. Kawalec is a nice all-around guard that plays under control and doesn’t force the action on either end of the floor. He has good size and should also have a role in their long-term future. Marsh is a tireless two-way worker that simply looks to out-hustle everyone on the court while hitting the occasional open jumper. He’s a willing passer with nice quickness. Carson is a wing/forward prospect with nice length and the ability to utilize it on both ends of the floor. He defends well and fights hard for post-position and rebounds.

*Thomas and Pagano were unable to practice.