Top Guilford County Referees 2017-2018:Michael Johnson claims #1 spot

TOP GUILFORD COUNTY REFEREES 2017-2018: Michael Johnson claims #1 Spot

Michael Johnson has taken over the top referee position for the 2017-2018 Basketball season. The veteran official has surpassed the position that was held by Tim Bryant for the past 3 years. Mr. Bryant has always been at the top of his game and has had another stellar year. Below is a listing of the point system with 100% being the top that any referee could amass. Unfortunately no referee is perfect and do miss calls from time to time. Overall the crew listed below along with their score demonstrate how effective they were.

In the ratings consistency is very important. Simply meaning that a ref can call a bad game and get a great score as long as the calls were bad both ways. Not blowing the whistle of calling a technical foul when one is really needed, does not mean that a referee is good and simply just letting them play.

Some referees interact with crowds better than others and have total control of the situation without trying to demonstrate that they are the ones in charge.

1. Michael Johnson (95.0): The veteran official was consistent all year long on both the Collegiate & High school level. Mr. Johnson seems to have really worked hard to perfect his craft as he continues to move up! The moment never seems too Big for Mr. Johnson.

2. Roy Jackson (94.3): Roy demonstrated great poise in the way he handled players & Coaches during certain & uncertain times. Could challenge for #1 spot this year!

3. Tim Bryant (94.0): Tim held the title for 3 straight years. He will certainly work harder to get back to the top of his craft this year.

4. Frank Johnson (92): Frank made the greatest strives of any referee in the area. He was always consistent in the way he handled players, coaches & sometimes uneasy crowds in Big games. Very seldom was out of position when making the appropriate calls. He could challenge for top spot this coming season. Fastest up & down the court than any other referee in the area.

5. Jerry Talley (91.4): The long time veteran showed how experience plays and important part in sometimes very challenging circumstances. Always appear to be fair in his calls.

6. Mark Eggleston-Clark (91.3): He continues to improve & his score should increase this coming year. Already doing a great job in local football games.

7.Henry (91.2) Henry is a fixture in the area & has always reffed a pretty good game on a consistent basis.

8. Gary Holmes (91.1): A very solid referee that keeps control of the games that he calls.

9. Rick McClean (90): Made great strides this year & seems to be on the way to another solid year.

10. Todd Foreman (89.7): The veteran leader will tell you that “He has forgotten more than most know” because of his years of experience. Lead the league in technical fouls call. Has a presence of look out here comes the T! When Todd is in the gym, you will know it.